Dear Editor:

I thought of writing a Jeers to the throwback lady who deliberately sabotaged this summers biggest sports event up on the Toby Benches, the Singletrack 6 mountain bike race.

This person removed the course markers, parked her pickup truck across the trail, then stood there physically misdirecting the lead riders off the course in the wrong direction.

Riders had already put two to three hours of maximum physical effort into the race when their day was almost ruined by this nitwit. Almost being the key word, as course crew quickly replaced the markings, and the majority of the field was unaffected.

Jeers just doesnt do justice to the depth of my anger! Congratulations lady, your actions negated the efforts of over 300 fine athletes from all over the world, and over 100 volunteers.

Youve embarrassed the host, the Village of Radium Hot Springs, and you have humiliated and infuriated all of the members of the local mountain biking community.

Mountain biking is now a multi-million dollar tourist draw in the Columbia Valley.

Its a clean, green, environmentally sustainable sport that many local businesses depend on for their prosperity. You, lady, in one thoughtless, self-centred act, have delivered a huge Black Eye to all of us who have spent the last months working hard to provide these international visitors with the best trails and biking experience possible.

Are you that arrogant that you think you and your dog are the only ones who should get to use public land to recreate?

We are all entitled to our opinions, and I welcome a good debate on how we should share the use of our public lands, but to vandalize a showcase sports event like the Singletrack 6, which attracts great international attention to the Columbia Valley, is just plain stupid and completely unacceptable.

Lyle Wilson

Nipika Mountain Resort