I invite you to drive along important roads within r)ural Invermere and you will notice small signs reading “slow” . . . they are all over the place.

Well, immediately after the warning sign your car will hit either a pothole or a pavement protuberance that may even lead to losing control of your vehicle. 

I am wondering if this is the Regional District of East Kootenay’s solution of a problem that is getting bigger and bigger. Some signs were even installed two years ago on Lakeview Drive and nothing has been done to fix the issue.

Not to mention driving along Swansea Road; there are no slow signs installed because the number of potholes one will hit would require a slow sign every few metres. Swansea Road from Windermere Loop southwards to Highway 95 craters make the road look like a Third World country secondary road.

Based on my concern, I would ask only one question to Electoral Area F director Susan Clovechok: Where is the money?                           

Edward Mayer, Invermere