Dear Editor:

The latest BC Liberal budget would cut healthcare by $235 million, while raising premiums by four per cent. Didnt they just blow almost a billion dollars on smart meters? Explain that logic. What do these meters do dialysis? Apparently not; all they do is save you a phone call when the power goes out. So why the priority? My guess is that someones making a buck.

Maybe someone like BC Hydro director Tracy McVicar, who is also managing partner of CAI Capital Management, which owned Corix, the company that installed the smart meters.

Other insiders have done well off BC Hydro, such as the independent power producers who signed lucrative contracts to sell spring runoff power to BC Hydro at rates far above market value.

Hydro doesnt need the power in the spring; their reservoirs are full. If BC Hydro were a private company today, theyd be bankrupt. They arent because Hydro has a cash machine: your hydro bill.

So you see, some of the 85,000 British Columbians who refused the smart meter did it for reasons other than just the World Health Organization report which classed wireless phones (and smart meters) as Group 2B possibly carcinogenic to humans. Microwaves increase the risk of glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer. The BC Liberals are willing to take chances with your health for their own gain.

Bryan Stawychny