Letter to the editor

Attached is a photo I took of a pickled happy face that I found in the bottom of a jar of Sophie’s Original Choice pickles. 

As you may already know, this brand is made and sold locally in Edgewater by Zosia (Sophie) Timothy and her husband Dean. 

I sent this photo to Sophie, who replied: “The original face was a natural face found in my chopped pickle jar. Dean noticed two eyes and a ‘o’ for his mouth. We thought it was cute so we had to add one to each pickle jar, a last touch of the jar. We wanted to say thank you and put a smile on one’s face, and it does. And the pickles that went in there were happy.”  

What are the odds that we would get one of those jars? The pickled smiley face definitely made our family laugh. 

What you may not know is that Sophie’s Original Choice is derived from Zosia’s mother’s home recipe. Zosia and I grew up a block apart in Brantford, Ontario. As an aside, Wayne Gretzky grew up a couple of blocks away before moving to Toronto as a teenager to continue his amateur hockey career. 

Meeting again as adults after moving to the Columbia Valley from Ontario more than 25 years ago was also a pleasant surprise for both Sophie and me. 

Jim Jenkinson, Invermere