Dear Editor:

Greetings to everyone in the beautiful town of Invermere. I am a school band director from Camrose, Alberta. Over the past 20 plus years, I have brought anywhere from 50 to 100 Grade 8/9 band students to your lovely area. In that time, we have experienced firsthand the warmth and hospitality of the people who are fortunate to live there. In particular, I would like to point out the wonderful service and hospitality we have received from Best Western Invermere, Columbia Garden Village, Huckleberrys Restaurant, The Invermere Bakery, Radium Hot Springs, and Fairmont Resort. These businesses have gone out of their way to make our stay a fun and enjoyable experience. Because of these kind folks, as well as the friendly citizens of Invermere, we have many hundreds of students and former students in Camrose who will always have a soft spot for your town. Thank you!

Bob Bailey

Camrose, Alberta