An impromptu dinner with a hidden location and an all white dress code? It must be Soiree En Blanc returning to Invermere B.C. for the second year. The event is an evening of food, drinks and music a great night of fun and enjoyment.

Its the second year in a new location in Invermere on Saturday, July 9th and tickets are on sale online or at the Best Western. Ticket holders find out the location on Saturday at noon and they all show up and we have a big dinner and dance, said Invermere events coordinator Theresa Wood.

With a secret location, all that could be revealed to The Pioneer is that it will be an outdoor event. So far 100 tickets have been sold for the event and will continue to be on sale in the days leading up to it.

One of the unique aspects of this event is the dress code that all attendees must wear all white. This doesnt mean it needs to be formal dress can be as casual as shorts and a tee shirt.

Its a tradition that started in Paris, a group of friends got together and they all wore white so they could recognize each other, so the tradition just carries on, said Ms. Wood.

Soiree En Blanc features three different menus from three local restaurants or those attending the event can bring their own picnic. With recipes available on the event webpage to create an elegant meal from all local products. Otherwise, enjoy one of the menu choices available from Birchwood Restaurant, Fuze or Saftas.

Its a pretty unique event to the valley, and they can expect a good time with friends, good food, good wine and good music,said Ms. Wood.

If you are interested in an elegant evening of fine cuisine and the mystery of an undisclosed location then prepare to be captivated by the second Soiree En Blanc. The event is open to those 19 years old or older. Tickets are available for $25 each until July 8th. Dinner will be served at 7:30 p.m. For more information visit