Dear Editor:

In my junior high school one of our student council presidents was elected with one simple promise: cream soda in the water fountains!

This promise coupled with the candidates popularity and charisma landed him the job! I could have sworn I was back in Grade 9 sitting in the Gilbert Patterson gym at the recent all candidates forum. Our incumbent MLA, Norm MacDonald, was as smooth as ever and came across quite polished and


It was quite convincing indeed as long as you didnt pay too much attention to what he was saying.

Mr. MacDonald was quick to point out that we are deep in debt pointing the finger of blame solely at the BC Liberals despite the global economic meltdown and $1.7 billion that was returned to the federal government following the abolishment of the harmonized sales tax, which the NDP led the charge on for their own political gain.

Mr. MacDonald went on to promise massive spending increases on 18 specific occasions during the evening! Nothing was left out: education, healthcare, seniors, forestry, et cetera. Money is no object seemed to be the order of the evening, much to the delight of about half of those in attendance, whilst the other half sat bewildered wondering where the money was coming from.

Perhaps the money would come from promoting new business ventures in our province? Not so! On five separate occasions, Mr. MacDonald vowed that his party would not support projects that will contribute over a trillion dollars to the B.C. economy and will create over 20,000 jobs once again with the same reaction from the not so like-minded sides of the room. Who will pay for this increase in spending and decrease in contribution to our economy? The answer was simple it would come from those of you who run your own businesses, offer products and services at reasonable prices and provide jobs. An increase in taxes on business owners and successful British Columbians were the only increases that Mr. MacDonald even mentioned to offset his partys proposed spending spree!

On the flip side of this Doug Clovechok stayed clear of plying the room with cream soda! He was realistic about spending and expectations in our current financial climate.

Instead of wooing the room with flowery platitudes that evoked enthusiastic response, he vowed that he and his party would support an increase in economic activity and funding for training for a workforce that would provide jobs for families, increase our quality of living and would provide the funds necessary to maintain the high quality of education, healthcare, infrastructure and delivery of government services that we deserve. Hope for a bright future and a sensible way to pay for it simple!

Dont be fooled by hollow promises! The recently departed Margaret Thatcher put it best: Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess; they always run out of other peoples money. Id say she is spot on here!

Dave McGrath, Invermere