judge-teaserBy Kristian Rasmussen

Pioneer Staff

A Fairmont Hot Springs man who called his estranged wife sub-human and then attempted to spit in her face three times was found guilty of one count of assault in Invermere Provincial Court on Thursday, January 1st.

Judge Ron Webb sentenced Gregory Anthony Hlady, 48, of Fairmont Hot Springs to a year of

probation and a $150 victim surcharge after a January 5th, 2012 assault on his wife, Michelle Hlady.

In my view, the spitting was done in a way that was intended to be demeaning, invoke fear and cause concern for Ms. Hlady, Judge Webb said. It is not in the public interest to spit on spouses in times of marital dischord. It is the kind of power dynamic that is dysfunctional.

The spitting assault of January 5th stemmed from a general breakdown of the couples marriage resulting from an extra-marital affair, defense

counsel Buffy Blakley said.

The betrayal of Mr. Hlady was an extremely difficult thing for him, she added.

On January 5th, 2012, Ms. Hlady, who has three children with her husband, picked them up from the school bus and walked them home.

I came into the house and he started calling me names, Ms. Hlady told crown prosecutor Lianna Swanson. I grabbed my phone and hit record because I could never explain to Greg how he made me feel small all the time.

Leaving the home and getting into her vehicle, Ms. Hlady is heard on a recording played to the court telling Mr. Hlady, Greg, I dont want to say bad things about you.

Mr. Hlady is then recorded spitting at his wife three times.

I wanted her to leave and she wouldnt, Mr. Hlady said. I know nothing can excuse it, but thats what happened.

The Fairmont man is currently on a prescription which makes his mouth very dry and he knew that he could not form spit in his mouth and was bluffing to get his wife to leave him alone, he said.

There was a lengthy period of marital dischord in this relationship, Judge Webb added. It is probably fortunate that no further criminal activity occurred.

Mr. Hlady was found not guilty of a second assault charge stemming from January 6th, 2012.