By Pioneer Staff
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After a long winter, you’re likely ready to go on some road trips while enjoying the sunshine. For many, this means family vacations, trips to the cottage, camping excursions, and weekend road trips. Whatever your adventure, don’t forget about your car. Are you confident that your car is ready for Spring? Here are some tips;

• Oil and oil filter – Changing your oil and filters is one way to keep the engine running trouble free.

• Fluids – Checking your power steering, brake, and transmission fluids; your windshield washer fluid; and your coolant is important – don’t get stranded.

• Wiper blades – During winter months your wiper blades can become torn or cracked those wiper blades won’t do much good in the middle of spring showers.

• Check your battery – Cold temperatures can weaken your battery, it’s a good idea to have that tested and replace if necessary before you hit the road.

• Cracked windshield – Sand and gravel are used on icy roads, often causing chips and cracks in your windshield having that replaced can help you have clearer visibility.

 • Check your lights – Check all lighting to identify any problems. When your vehicle’s lighting is defective, other motorists may not get the message that you intend to stop or turn.

• Check your belts and hoses – Cold temperatures can harden or damage rubber, so it’s important to check your belts and hoses for damages caused by winter.

• Tires – Your tires are the only point between you and road, so it’s important to take care of them. Check the pressure of all your tires (including the spare). Check the tread for uneven or irregular wear and for cuts or bruises on the sidewalls. Don’t forget to have your tires rotated to save them from being worn or damaged.

• Detailing – Don’t leave out your vehicle or boat when you plan for spring. Keep it looking beautiful and like new again.

Your vehicle maintenance should also be a priority when heading on the roads or on the water, let some of the experts’ help you get on the road safely.