Dear Editor:

I wanted to share an email I received from a charity that is near and dear to our familys heart. STARS Helicopter Services is an essential service to our valley and provides life-saving rescue. Unfortunately, one of their main fundraisers, the STARS Lottery, is experiencing low ticket sales. I would like to encourage you to support STARS by purchasing your Lottery tickets at:

Brodie and Lisa Godlien

Radium Hot Springs


As you may have seen in a letter from our CEO Andrea Robertson last week, ticket sales for this years STARS Lottery Alberta are down. Given that the lottery provides funding for one-third of STARS operating costs in Alberta, our team is working tirelessly to promote this years lottery.

Today, we are reaching out to you and the rest of our VIPs to ask for your help.

As a Very Important Patient, you know better than anyone the impact that STARS has on the lives of Western Canadians. And we know that no one tells your story of survival better than you. We hope that you will take some time to help us remind people to think of STARS, so we can be there for the next patient who needs us.


The STARS communications team