Dear Editor:

It’s hot! No argument about that. I’m suffering along with everybody else. But it makes me think back to my childhood in the state of Iowa, you know, tall corn country, and wonder how we survived. Extreme temperatures weren’t the only problem. When the thermometer read 90 degrees F, the humidity could be 95 per cent! At night we would sleep naked, carefully lying atop the bedding, but make the mistake of turning over in slumber, and you would start to sweat from the exercise!   

However, life went on. I can recall playing a baseball game in 100 degree weather one day and then traveling over 100 miles to play another game that night. Football practice in full gear started on August 15. Twice a day!

Yet, I firmly believe in climate change. How can any educated person not? It has been happening forever. Despite all the advances in technology, my concern is whether puny humans can do anything to really make a difference.  Of course, there are individuals who think that climate change is just another government conspiracy. Some members of society are ready to question anything. Are you aware that a “Flat Earth Society” exists?

Of course, we don’t have to look very far to find our own group of doubters. 

There is nothing wrong with questioning authority, especially governments, but for anyone to assume that they know better than the most noted medical specialists in the world is ridiculous. Of course, wearing a mask is a nuisance, but some folks have told me that I actually look better in one.

Bob Hahn, Invermere