By Dean Midyette

Pioneer Staff

Very little is in the news these days about the aftermath of the Fort McMurray fire.

It seems the attention span of news cycles is growing ever shorter and the if it bleeds it leads (or in this case, if its on fire) is still rampant. So what happens once the fire is extinguished and residents begin to return? There is still much to be done for Fort Mac to return the city to any semblance of normalcy.

For most of us it was difficult to tear ourselves away from reports and videos of the fires destruction, the bravery and commitment of the firefighters and first responders, and the heart wrenching accounts of strangers offering those affected fuel to make it a little further down the highway or a warm meal and a place to stay.

Our community, like many others across Canada, initiated fundraisers and local businesses organized sites where clothing, food and other necessities could be dropped off and transported to displaced residents. Thousands of dollars and truckloads of supplies left the Columbia Valley to assist our Alberta neighbours.

Next week on Tuesday July 12th at Copper Point Golf Course you can continue to help.

Book your tee time with discounted green fees (driving range included) and all the funds raised will be donated by the Lake Windermere District Lions Club and the Fairmont Lions Club to rebuilding efforts in the Fort McMurray community.

Lets step up again, this time to the first tee at Copper Point, and do one of the many things that we do best helping those in need.