Dear Editor:

Mr. Stetski took it upon himself to vote in favour of the M103 bill. Does he believe that this is the way voters would have wanted you to vote? Are you not supposed to be representing your constituents?

While I am not in favour of discriminating against anyone, I have a strong belief in our freedom of speech. Being nice to people is a parents responsibility, not the governments. You cant legislate kindness/respect.

It is painfully apparent that, once elected, MPs seem to be confused as to what and whom they are representing. You have not been given a mandate to deal with your own personal agenda. Or perhaps this is the deal negotiated so you could travel to eastern block Europe on the taxpayers dime.

Not sure why you feel that this little trip is beneficial to us here in East Kootenay, but perhaps if you really cared what we thought you would have spent time consulting with us before giving the nod to the M103.

Mark Nicklom

Radium Hot Springs