Dear Editor:

I pass through your area from time to time for work and was recently there and caught a copy of your paper. I was pleased to see that Beverley Sinclair is spreading some worthwhile information that I don’t believe many people know the full implications of.

There is a huge following for several groups fighting to stop smart meters. The small town of Enderby had a 300-person turnout for a meeting against the installation of these meters, which are proven to harm by many scientists. One not mentioned by Beverley was Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University in Ontario, who has done many studies on wireless technology.

By just searching for B.C. smart meters on the Internet, one will find the extent of what these new meters (on top of all our other wireless gadgets) are doing to our planet and the people on it; especially what’s happening in B.C. itself.

A year ago, our very own Auditor General said BC Hydro, our citizens’ sort-of-owned company, has been deferring 27 debt accounts and was at that time was $2.2 billion in debt. By 2017 it will be $5 billion in debt. BC Hydro is going bankrupt right before our eyes!

I say sort-of-owned”, because as you will see when the smart meter installer comes to your home to give you your $500 meter (which may have to be replaced in five years), they will have Corix written on the truck door. Corix is not from B.C.; we are losing our company.

There are 2,300 U.S. Navy documents describing wireless microwaves or radio frequency waves that were invented as weapons and can harm all humans. This technology can also harm wildlife including plants and animals. It’s killing bees. What happens when they’re gone? What happens without pollination?

Thanks, Beverley, for being aware. I hope we all take the same step as you and get informed and spread the word. Don’t forget to talk to your governments at all levels. This is without a doubt the only way to stop an unnecessary radio frequency from frying our brains, as well as to save BC Hydro and the planet.

Mark Hermary, Richmond