Letter to the editor

Someone once wrote that the more people they met the better they liked dogs. I can’t really agree with that opinion, but there is one group that I certainly don’t want to meet. Those are the people who become unstoppable forces (in their own minds) just by getting behind the wheel of a powerful vehicle. They are frequently found in Kootenay National Park – speeding and  ignoring the “no passing” zones, as if the highway was exclusively for them. And I cannot recall the last time I saw anyone apprehended.  

That is why I was very pleased to read in the Pioneer that the RCMP is going to make their park presence more common. Some enforcement is long past due.

Thank goodness, not everyone in the valley acts like road rogues. In fact, we are blessed by some wonderful folks that are just the opposite. For instance, I went into Moms Upholstery last week seeking a minor repair. Not only was the repair promptly completed, but there was no charge and I was even sent on my way with a complimentary piece of cucumber to chew on.

Another example of our helpful locals came the next day when I stopped at Mister Tire to pick up a tire which had been left for repair. I promptly got my tire and any payment was again waived off. 

We have a wonderful group of friends and neighbours in the valley. Let’s only hope that few of them encounter the dangerous road rogues.

Bob Hahn, Juniper Heights