Dear Editor:

I had some trash from the office to put into the Invermere/Athalmer dump today. What a mess it was, as usual.

It seems the town had all kinds of money to beautify Pothole Park, which was very nice, but maybe they could have cut back a bit and spent some money on the garbage site. First of all, a few loads of gravel would help cut down on the mud.

Then hire someone to go over every day and clean up the mess. Never mind bears, how about rats? Its not a healthy place for sure, never mind the look of it.

You could close the gate and just have set hours. You could make it bear proof. You could haul the trash away more often. You could have better bins. You could build a place for those who just cannot go to Windermere with their big stuff (mattresses, chairs, or whatever.) I cannot believe if you got it that far, you could not have just gone to the big dump in Windermere.

We live in a beautiful place, lets try to keep it that way. Anyway, these are some of my suggestions.

Ida Daggett