Dear Editor:

Once again we see the recent resident wannabe MLA spinning the dubious strengths of the current Liberal government of B.C. Since his primary urge this past winter has been his attempts to discredit our current, hard-working MLA Norm Macdonald – we will not give the college manager much credit – he should remember how we laughed Wendy McMahon out some 8-9 years ago!

I do realize he has the ear of, and the photo-ops with the MLA of the constituency to our south – as indeed does the mayor of Banana Village of Glacier Resort – who is also the chair of the Columbia Basin Trust (a potential conflict of interest) as Deck also has the use of at least one staff member at the office of the Radium Village council – three other Radium residents are also being paid with tax payers monies, from the $200,000 that the government currently allocated to the MLA to our south to pay for the pie in the sky – ie. the ski hill with properties at the melting glacier.

I am interested to read Richard Ungers letter for another Liberal friend in construction and/or real estate, who has hopes of work on said properties.

I am also interested to read that Chief Paul Sam (Shuswap) has never seen a grizzly bear in the Jumbo area, and would like a witnessed report as to his hikes in the area in his youth and middle age when they occurred and with whom. Enough already, although with Doug Clovechoks partisan ideology about Glacier Resort, and attempts to bring politics into the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce surely a no-no I will be surprised if the Akisqnuk people of the Ktunaxa Nation will be comfortable inviting a wannabe MLA, who does not respect their saved area, to participate in their Entry March on Aboriginal Day this year!

Shirley Campbell