Dear Editor:

As of today, there are only 10 days to go until election day (October 19th). And on that day, voters across the region will be making a decision.

At the moment, Conservative candidate David Wilks support has been driven down to only 37 per cent. But NDP candidate Wayne Stetski is also polling at 37 per cent. (The Liberals have about 15 per cent support while the Green Party sits at about 10 per cent).

Many voters in this region, who clearly want change, are not sure where they need to vote if they want to stop Stephen Harper.

More than 60 per cent of people in this riding do not support Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. But if voters do not choose to vote together in this riding, Stephen Harper and David Wilks could very well win with a small minority of the local vote.

The First Past the Post electoral system means that with only 39 per cent of the support of Canadians, the Conservatives have been able to form a majority government, and may very well do so again.

Its time to move to proportional representation to make every vote count and to make our Parliament more representative. But we wont get there if the Conservatives are re-elected.

An NDP government will ensure that our next election is held using proportional representation, meaning voters will never have to vote strategically again.

Greg Amos