By Breanne Massey

Pioneer Staff

Bryce Nicholas-Hall is still astonished his artwork will be framed and displayed at Pynelogs Cultural Centre in honour of the 10th annual Art From The Heart exhibition.

The eight-year-old Columbia Valley boy, who is a Grade 3 student at Eileen Madson Primary School, was handpicked as the selected poster artist for this years exhibit by the Columbia Valley Arts council and Pixel Planet graphic designer, Will McKenzie from 20 applicants at five competing schools.

But Bryce says the most important part of the competition was working with his classmates and developing skills as an artist in a collaborative effort.

Mine was different than some of the other pictures, said Bryce, because mine was the only deer. I like deer.

The silhouette of a deer has been brought to life through the use of vibrantly coloured pink paints surrounding it in the background.

Im going to give it to my Grandma when I get it back because she doesnt have very much art at her house, said Bryce. I feel happy about it.

Its like a prize and a thank you, said Natalie Ruby, Columbia Valley Arts spokesperson. Its also the image we put on our posters and invites its kind of the face for Art From The Heart this year. The other 19 are showcased in frames at Pynelogs beside it until 4 p.m. on April 26th.

The selected poster artist gets to keep his art project after it has been framed and displayed at Pynelogs Cultural Centre, unlike the other 19 student contributions that are sold off through a silent auction. Kids from each of the five participating schools made the art projects that have been framed to help raise money through the silent auction to cover the cost of the exhibition for the Columbia Valley Arts council.

The kids knew in advance that they may not get to keep their pieces, said Ms. Ruby. The students got to help out with fundraising, so they submit it knowing that only one person gets to keep their picture as a prize. We have found that the kids are excited to see their work framed because it makes them feel like a professional artist.

There are over 675 art projects on display from primary school students from Eileen Madson Primary School, JA Laird Elementary School, Edgewater Elementary School, Martin Morigeau Elementary School and Windermere Elementary School.

The theme of this years art show is focused on highlighting art from the classroom. It was inspired by a desire to focus on the enhancement of childrens art.

We really wanted to bring it back to the basics, said Ms. Ruby, while pointing out that Bryces medium stood out for its brightly coloured background. I like the colour and animal he chose, but the show is all about bringing art out from the classroom. All 675 projects are absolutely fantastic.

The Art From The Heart show marks the opening of the Pynelogs exhibitions that will be on display throughout the summer.

Its a really fun community event to promote art in our kids because Invermere is a very art-based community so seeing it in our own kids is really exciting, said Ms. Ruby. Its a great way to celebrate art and start the season off with Pynelogs. Its the first show so its exciting.

The opening night for Art From The Heart will be between 5:30 and 8 p.m. on Saturday, April 11th at Pynelogs Cultural Centre, and there will be refreshments, entertainment and a silent auction. For more information, call 250-342-4423.