Dear Editor:

I am asking the community of Invermere to speak to our district councillors at the Budget Open House on February 4th to request a safe walking path for our children attending Eileen Madson Primary School.

Eileen Madson Primary School (EMP) has 220 children attending this year. These children are little, between the ages of five and nine, and are too young to safely navigate traffic. From the back parking area at 14th Avenue to the main roadway at 13th Avenue, there is no walkway for the children. The children are currently walking between parked cars and sometimes down the middle of the roadway with moving vehicles. EMPs Parent Advisory Council (PAC) has presented a request to town council to build a safe walking path along the one block area of 20th Street. Our councillors are considering including the cost of a pathway in the 2015 budget. If the pathway cost is not included in the budget, there will be no safe walkway for our children.

Please come to the Town Budget Open House on Wednesday, February 4th, 6 to 8 p.m. at the Community Hall and let our councillors know that having a safe walking path for our elementary school children is important to the people of Invermere.

Chenoa Paccagnan