Young artists are set to put their work on display this June at Pynelogs Art Gallery. From sketches of dragons to etchings of cats, David Thompson Secondary School students are excited to show locals what they have been working on this year.

The REACH art show runs from June 9th to 21st with a special opening event on June 12th from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. During the opening event, the artists will have the chance to sell their work.

It is a great chance to give them the experience of an art opening, DTSS teacher Maegan Stanbury said. It also gives them exposure and some gratification for their work other than my opinion.

Ms. Stanbury said that an important part of the show is that it will help the older students understand that art is a path they can take after graduating. The show will allow students to gain some exposure in their community.

With a few weeks left before the opening, students are busily working on finishing their projects. Ms. Stanbury said there is a nervous energy in the class, especially with the younger students who have pieces in the show.

They are their worst critics, Ms. Stanbury said. They do not think they are good enough to showcase, but they totally are.

Luke Persson, a Grade 11 student, is an etching specialist. Since grade eight, he has been developing his craft. His work offers intricate and captivating depictions of his two favourite subjects.

I like etching cats and skateboarding, Mr. Persson said.

Mr. Persson said each of his pieces takes a couple of weeks to complete, which is considerably longer than some of the other forms of art the students are exposed to in class.

I like getting in all of the details, Mr. Persson said. It is a lot of fun.

Jackson Hollick, another Grade 11 student, said he enjoys sketching in particular. Mr. Hollick said he does not have a particular focus for what he likes to sketch. Instead, he has learned to take inspiration from the world around him.

I will think of something while I am doing my own thing, and try to sketch it, Mr. Hollick said.

In preparation for the big show, Ms. Stanbury said she is trying to encourage students to work outside of their comfort zones, to get as much as they can out of the experience.

We want to get a bunch of different kinds of art in the show, Ms. Stanbury said. It will be a little bit of this and a little bit of that, to make sure all of the grades are showcased.