By Joanne McQuarrie

[email protected]

In connection with an isolated incident in Canal Flats on December 9, rumours swirled around that Martin Morigeau Elementary School was on lock down.  Those rumours are incorrect, said Karen Shipka, superintendent of schools SD 6.

Shipka confirmed on December 12 to the Pioneer via email, “There was no lock down at Martin Morigeau on Friday.  The school had received a communication through social media, which is not our protocol, telling the school to go into lock down from an unreliable source.  

“The school district has very detailed emergency response protocols and this communication could not be verified. The kids were brought in from recess and the school went into hold and secure as a precaution until which time we could contact the RCMP.”

Shipka emphasized, “The RCMP assured me that there was never a threat to the school and that in the event there was a threat, RCMP would contact the school directly, which is our protocol.  Normal classes resumed and students were released on time.”