Dear Editor:

I realize that many of you reading this are already committed to helping others in our local communities, within our country and on an international level, but I want to raise awareness of another concern.

Bill C-398, currently before the House of Commons, will reform previous Canadian Access to Medicines legislation so that affordable, life-saving generic medicines will be more readily available to developing countries for the treatment of diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS. Canada has the opportunity to save millions of lives, at no cost to Canadian tax payers.

People are dying needlessly because affordable drug treatment is not available. One in two children born with AIDS, if untreated, dies by the age of 2. How can we, in good conscience, not help to make affordable drug treatment available to so many in this world?

Our Members of Parliament will be voting on this legislation in November. Please urge MP David Wilks to support Bill C-398. You may contact him by email at, or by telephone at 613-995-7246.

Luana Gillies, Windermere