Aaron Pollock

Aaron Pollock

By James Rose

Special to The Pioneer

This coming Good Friday, good music, no great! music, is coming to a ski hill near you.

Aaron Pollock and his Calgary based four-piece rock band are set to put on a stellar free performance at Panoramas T-Bar & Grill on Friday, April 25th at 9 p.m.

Aarons band plays bluesy pop-rock music and loves to find the groove in each song they perform.

Youll hear a lot of influence from bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sublime, said Aaron. We also draw from acts like Ed Sheeran and Hozier to bring a unique kind of pop sensibility to our music.

But that is not to say they are simply a cover band.

We are definitely playing originals, but because were going to be playing pretty much all (Friday) night, were going to be playing a healthy amount of covers too, he added.

What makes Aarons covers unique is that they choose to put a spin on variety of familiar tunes ranging from several different genres.

Our specialty is doing dancy covers of funny rap songs, and we are really looking forward to showcasing these to the audience, he said.

In fact, this past fall, when the Toronto Blue Jays made their long-awaited return to playoff baseball, Aaron and another Calgary-based musician, Swift Oliver, made national headlines with a different sort of cover. The last time the Jays made the playoffs was 92 and one of pop star Taylor Swifts most enduring hits is the song 22. So the duo wrote the song 92 using the same melody as the Taylor Swift song but with lyrics related to the teams impressive return to form. It was a hit nationwide and Aaron quickly found himself on Global TV and featured in the Toronto Star.

But for Aaron, while doing songs like 92 are great fun, he also appreciates the power music can have on a social level in society. Recently, he started working with the Calgary Homeless Foundation, and has contributed to their cause by writing and recording a song about homelessness and the people dedicated to combating it. The song, Blue Sky Wont Break, is set for release this spring.

Homelessness in Calgary (and Canada) is an incredibly urgent issue with such deep emotional resonance for so many, and so I try to do my best to ensure that this song does this issue justice, said Aaron. All proceeds from this song will go towards the fight to end homelessness.

As for the T-Bar show, this will mark Aarons first time performing in the Columbia Valley and he couldnt be more excited. Weve got a super fun, danceable, high-energy set, and we have a lot of fun playing. Our goal is for everyone in the bar to be having as much fun as we are!

He is set to release his debut album within the next few months. For more information, visit