Dear Editor:

Regarding the letter Chamber is correct about mini-Mac in your December 7th edition, I dont know what a mini-Mac is, I dont have any provincial political aspirations at this time, and I think Mr. Berzins is mistaken: Invermere is a great place to live, visit and do business in.

I make no apologies for having safe municipal water with low turbidity we are working on meeting the excessive Interior Health requirements that presently only three out of over 12 water systems in the Columbia Valley meet.

I also make no apologies for helping to save and preserve historic buildings, recognizing the importance of sustainability (including local food) and keeping garbage off the sidewalks downtown (yes, the garbage cans are solar, thats so they can compact the garbage and we can keep our streets clean and the locals and visitors happy during the busy times).

Our economy and the local business community are important, so are our lake and our overall environment, and so are the non-profit and volunteer groups in the community. Everything needs time, attention, and in some cases money, to create success, and the District of Invermere council is committed to achieving success. There are no blacklists, just hard-working people trying their hardest.

If Mr. Berzins thinks that Invermere isnt a great place to live, I hope he takes his negativity and bitterness somewhere else.

Gerry Taft,

Mayor of Invermere