Cheers & Jeers

Cheers and Jeers Nov 21

A huge Cheers to Adam. A very Gallant young man who was willing to take time off of his daily walk to come to the aid of an old woman who had fallen and was unable to get up. The world would be a nicer place if we had more Adams in it!

Massive Cheers to George Gray for all the years you put up the Christmas display near the highway in Fairmont, for residents and tourists to enjoy. This tradition will be sadly missed. Cheers to the DOI for allowing the display to find a new home in Invermere.

Cheers to Don Cherry for his support of our Veterans.

BIG JEERS to the person who stole my brother’s iPod.

Jeers to all the scrooges, go bah humbug somewhere else. My Christmas decorations make me happy, find something that does the same for you!

Jeers to the torn and tattered Canadian flags throughout the Valley. We can do better.

Jeers to some dog owners. Today I picked up seven dog waste bags at the dog park. They turn up at the beach, pothole, skate park and all over town. If it is too cold for you to hold on to it put the bag in your mitts to keep yourself warm.

Cheers. Adults: please read this to students who were at Laird Remembrance assembly on Friday. We appreciate each of you for your very respectful behavior. Admire the students who so capably led the assembly. Were touched by your truly beautiful wreaths. Lovely choir voices. The practice you put into ukulele playing and singing. Your caring poems. We believe Remembrance Day is not glorifying war. Rather an opportunity for awareness, gratitude and respect for what was; what the world understood at that time. We, the adults, are doing better. We do believe and are hopeful …. our world is in good hands with you as our next generation.

JEERS to the aggressive dogs charging and attacking people on kootenay 3road. It’s a public road. Biking, walking, driving from the north to south is dangerous. Families should be able to be safe on public roads. This is way out of control.

Cheers to Invermere Glass for the repair of our wood stove glass. For being able to do it the same day and the amazingly polite gal out front. You guys are awesome.

Cheers to Steve Audrey and Lisa at The Local View. During this sad and stressful time for me, you went above and beyond with the amazing work you did. A big heartfelt appreciation to you from my family and myself.

Cheers to the Emcon Highway Maintenance crew in the Edgewater area. Great job and special thanks from the folks on George Anderson Rd.

Cheers to people who have their Christmas lights on! They are nice to see now during the darkest part of the year.

Cheers & Jeers November 14

Cheers to Megan at Mountain Hub for sharing your knowledge. One casual marketing tip from you last spring will pay for our family holiday in 2020. We’re so lucky to have your expertise in our Valley.

Cheers to Stan Harrison for picking up all the windfall at All Saints Church in Edgewater. Well done!

Cheers to Darlene, the butcher at Radium Mountainside Market, for preparing the most delicious standing-rib roast for our company. The meat was so tender, and everyone had second helpings. Five Star dining for sure!

Cheers to Rhonda Konchak, You are a great person and mother, I feel so blessed to know you! I always look forward to medical appointments just to see you!

Jeers to Christmas decorations going up before Remembrance Day.

Cheers to my family and friends that surprised me with all the flowers and festivities for my 80th birthday. I am so grateful to have you all in my life.

Jeers to all the businesses who sell Christmas items before Remembrance Day.

Cheers and thank you to Blair and the staff of our great Invermere Library for hosting ‘To The Manor Born’. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Cheers to the new Arrowhead Brewery Patio. Best micro brewery pub patio this side of the Kootenay River!

Cheers to the deer properly using the Invermere bridge sidewalk early Thursday morning. Good job!

Jeers to the scoundrel that stole my iPod from the skate park Nov 8. Please return to the Laird office if you have any empathy. Distraught ten year old skateboarder.

Cheers to Greg Geiger with Columbia Concrete for sponsoring my son Harley to compete in a Five Elements kickboxing tournament in Calgary. Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible. P.S. You do great concrete.

Cheers & Jeers October 31st

Cheers to Tatiana for providing such attentive, caring and skillful acupuncture and health advice. What a wonderful addition to the health care team with Mike Baker!

A big Cheers to “JD.” It’s nice to see you back at Home Hardware! Your Positive attitude always makes me smile.

Cheers to the wonderful pharmacist Dean at Pharmasave for going above and beyond for me last week. Much appreciated!

Cheers to John for the patient lesson on our woodstove, chopping us kindling, waiting to show us how the “draft” works, all while he should have been at home having dinner with his family. Get some rest, John, you look beat.

Cheers to Kimberly Rae Sanderson for being so patient and helpful with my multiple visits for my last minute “crafty project” on Friday! You are amazing and totally saved my day. And Cheers to Arlo for being the sweetest little shop “greeter”!

Cheers to all who donated items and attended the Edgewater Radium Health Care Auxiliary’s Halloween Tea and Bake sale. Because of you all it was a huge success!

Cheers to Anne Zurbriggen. You add to community events with your cheerful presence and are so kind and attentive to others. Much appreciation for who you are.

Cheers to everyone who supported the famous Edgewater Radium Health Care Auxiliary’s MONEY BOARD Raffle! Congratulations to winners Brian Fieitz and Brian Kuysten.

Cheers to Colleen Wheller for the spooky cake, Gail Macrae for the beautiful crocheted throw and Rising Sun Massage for the generous Gift Certificate. Congrats to winners Carol McKay, Bunny Turner and Leon Wall.

Huge Cheers to all our volunteers who made our Halloween Bash at Legion Branch #199 a great success, your hard work and dedication is appreciated immensely, especially Lorie for planning all the Halloween themed appies! What a great community we live in!

Cheers to my lovely HOH’s for joining me for a weekend away in the Valley!

Cheers to The Crypt Singers for their very generous donation and spooktacular entertainment at the Edgewater Radium Health Care Auxiliary’s Halloween Tea.

Huge Cheers to the Edgewater Community Hall for welcoming the Edgewater Seniors Assoc. and more big Cheers to the seniors for continuing to hold soup day. The Valley would sure miss this great meal. Always worth the drive up the Valley road repairs or not.

Cheers & Jeers October 24th

Cheers to Crazy Soles for quality informative service that you just can’t buy online topped off with positive discussion and a smile.

Cheers to Bob at Majestic U-Brew for being so generous to the Wilmer Community Club! It is people like you that make this valley so great!

Double Cheers to Emily, James and Ian of the Chisel Peak Blues Band, who ran Groundswells stage and sound, and performed at Saturday’s 10 Years of Thankfulness event. You did an amazing job and we really appreciate the time, energy and enthusiasm you gave to our event.

Big Cheers to the manager of BMO. I was going by the bank at 6:30 a.m., and there she was at her desk hard at work! She’s always greeting folks with a big welcoming smile, and a joy to see! Great work ethic!

Cheers to 911 Emergency services, RCMP (Cst. Peggy), Edgewater Volunteer Fire Dept., BC Hydro, and Scott McLean, for outstanding services and quick return of power after a pickup knocked out power on Upper Hewitt Road October 15th at 2:30 a.m.

Cheers to the Schutter family and Taynton Bay for the super fun community day held a few weeks ago. What a great way to offer the kids outdoor fun on a farm and raise money for a great cause. Much appreciated!

Cheers to Cindy for always answering my questions about my dogs. You are so helpful!

Cheers to the Valley Fitness Centre for giving me some free gym time to help me recover from my injury.

Huge Cheers to Brittany for the mom and tot fitness classes. It’s such a great way to get back into exercise – fun people, great instructor and the challenge to push myself. I feel great because of it!

HUGE CHEERS to Marlis and Melva for making LOTS of Apple Pies again, and everyone who donates items to make the Pies And everyone who buys the pies to support the Upkeep of All Saints Church, and Cemetery in Edgewater. What a great Valley we live in.

Jeers to the person who dumped a deer carcass on Westside Road, just on the outskirts of Wilmer. Surely it could have been disposed of more responsibly!

Jeers to the person who shot the bear in Wilmer.

Cheers to Shawn and his team at LBO Autobody in Invermere for their miraculous work in repairing and restoring our 2009 truck. It now looks like a 2019 truck! More Cheers for the excellent customer service we experienced.

Jeers to the people overheard at the Mt. Swansea trailhead boasting to each other about how fast they just drove Highway 93 through Kootenay National Park. People like you, who drive at 120 – 130 kms per hour, not only put the rest of us highway users in jeopardy but are also the reason so many animals are killed and maimed along the highway.

Cheers & Jeers October 17th

JEERS to the person that is constantly racing around Radium. You speed down the street beside the kid’s park while smoking AND talking on your cellphone. Get a hobby and slow the heck down before you hit someone’s child!

Big Cheers to all our volunteers and merchants/supporters of the CV Rockies Amazing Race!

Jeers to the inconsiderate drivers coming out of Wilmer who do not stop at the sign and yield to those of us coming down Peters Hill causing us to have to slam on our brakes so that we don’t rear end you. Use some common courtesy and wait your turn!

Cheers to Jeff and team at Canadian Tire for squeezing me in and putting my winter tires on when you were fully booked. I had a safe drive back to Calgary. Much appreciated!

Cheers to Uncle Owen and cousins Quentin and Wenonah for your wonderful hospitality during our visit to Invermere. We loved every minute of it and can’t wait to see you again!

A wholehearted Cheers to the wonderful people at the Invermere Post Office. Kind-hearted heroes all! They have been so helpful during a very difficult time for me, going above and beyond on so many occasions, and I just wanted them to know how very much it is appreciated.

Cheers to the green recycling bins at the Columbia Valley Landfill! Yes, it’s a bit more work to sort our recyclables and a bit more out of the way to unload them, but if more refuse is diverted from the landfill and regional tax dollars are SAVED, it’s well worth the effort!

Cheers to the awesome and honest person who turned my wallet in at AG Valley Foods on October 8th, and for the kind staff member who found me in the parking lot. The AG staff are always saving me! Cheers to y’all.

Cheers to Pizza2Go! Incredible service and great pizza!

Cheers & Jeers October 10th

Huge, loud gratitude filled Cheers to all of the businesses who donated to the raffle baskets at the Windermere Carnival. It was greatly appreciated!

Jeers to some dog owners. What a site to see dog POOP on the sidewalk in front of a business on Main Street. You cannot tell me you didn’t know your dog did that when you were walking. I don’t like coming to work and seeing this, next time clean up after your dog.

Cheers to Pizza2Go, you are by far the best pizza in the Valley and great service!

A heartfelt Cheers to Sobeys for their generous donation. Our Terry Fox Run at Sonshine daycare was a huge success, in part due to your help. The healthy snacks were a huge hit for all the kids!

Jeers to the lack of Sani dumps in this Valley. Imagine all the trailers coming through next year.

A HUGE Cheers to Gary and Lynne of the Horsethief Hideout, for treating the residents of Columbia Garden Village to a tour of their amazing property and hosting a lovely afternoon tea in their rustic saloon. Your kindness was appreciated by everyone.

Jeers to all you who are complaining about your choice to work in the service industry. Here’s an option, if you can’t handle the demands of your job or your customer’s complaints, move on.

Big Jeers to employees that grossly overspend and then quit, leaving the rest of the staff holding the bag and trying to fix the mess.

Huge Cheers to Root 93 Dental. What a wonderful experience! From a very happy new patient.

Cheers to Dr. Brown and all the wonderful nurses for your recent care in the ER. Your calmness and reassurance helped keep this momma in a positive mindset while you treated my daughter. Much appreciated!

Cheers to Pizza2Go. Great pizza and great service! We will be back!

Cheers to the older couple I just saw picking up trash east of the High School, you are what makes living here so wonderful.

Cheers to Kari at AG Valley Foods!

Cheers to Jim Harrison for all your volunteer work at All Saints Church in Edgewater. Much appreciated!

Cheers to Jocelyn at Summit – you go above and beyond; this valley is lucky to have you.

Huge Cheers to Dana Schagar the most Awesome Bus Driver Ever! We are so grateful for your positive attitude and experience sure appreciate you looking out for our children’s safety to and from school as well as all the extra trips you take them on.

Cheers & Jeers October 3rd

Jeers to loud ATVs. If you need to wear hearing protection while driving, I suppose you can’t even imagine how you are disturbing wildlife and annoying your neighbours.

Cheers to all the Albertans and Saskatchewanites that travelled to be at the Columbia Valley Classics car show. It was a fantastic car show. Congrats to the organizers.

Cheers to Krista at CIBC for your patience in dealing with a senior who was a bit confused by the intricacies of banking. I was waiting in line and saw you patiently help him through the process. As well, your ready smile and quick laughter are infectious. You always make my day when I come in.

Jeers to the disgusting amount of recyclable materials being thrown into the Edgewater Dump. It’s time to start caring and doing your part! Hiding it in the ground doesn’t make it disappear for future generations.

Big Cheers to Dixie and the crew at Coy’s Golf Course for the delicious meal served to the Fairmont Ladies Club last Wednesday. The service and food were just GREAT, and the door prizes just added to the FUN! Much appreciated girls!

Cheers to Phil, Clare and Charlotte Marshall from the Cabin for generously donating proceeds from their sales to the Panorama Firefighters Association. Cheers for being a hub and the pub for this community!

Cheers to Heather at Root 93 Dental for providing exceptional care to her clients and going above and beyond in meeting their needs!

A big Cheers to all the employees who make Invermere streets gorgeous all summer then let people pick them before frost does. You do such beautiful work.

Cheers to the several owners of Collector cars who came by in the afternoon of Friday Sept 20th to show off their cars to the Columbia House residents. They enjoyed the time outside and to see the beautiful cars. Much appreciation for taking the time out to visit the facility.

Big Cheers to the staff at Windermere Valley Golf Course for always being so friendly and accommodating to the Unruly ladies’ golf group. Extra Cheers to Kari and her kitchen staff for the Great food and service. Special Cheers to Scott and Michael for the excellent lessons, golf tips and your patience and encouragement. You made the Unrulies’ season a positive and fun experience!

Cheers to Coleman at Syndicate Boardshop for fixing the paddle of a kayak lady in distress. Your willingness to help her out was greatly appreciated.

Huge, loud gratitude filled Cheers to all of the businesses who donated to the raffle baskets at the Windermere Carnival. It was greatly appreciated!

A heartfelt Cheers to Sobeys for their generous donation. Our Terry Fox Run at Sonshine daycare was a huge success, in part due to your help. The healthy snacks were a huge hit for all the kids!

Cheers to Mrs. O’Sullivan for her long commitment to bringing music into the lives of the children of the Valley!

A big Cheers to Jessie, Amy, Jackie and the other home care workers at the Invermere Hospital who so patiently fought with my very uncooperative veins for the past 5 weeks while getting Iron infusions and for getting me into Emerg when you spotted something not right. Gotta love you girls!

Cheers to David for taking the time out of his day to let me know about my flat tire and then changing it with us. It really was amazing, we will pay it forward!

Cheers & Jeers September 26th

Big Cheers to all the volunteers at the Seniors’ Lodge in Invermere. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch and were entertained by Dave’s beautiful film of his travels.

Jeers to last week’s Jeers about your poor bruised expensive fruit and its handling. You have no idea how exhausting the service industry can be. May all your problems be so small.

Cheers to Krista at CIBC for your patience in dealing with a senior who was a bit confused by the intricacies of banking. I was waiting in line and saw you patiently help him through the process. Also your ready smile and quick laughter are infectious. You always make my day when I come in.

A HUGE Cheers to all who braved the Sunday morning rain to participate in the 39th TERRY FOX RUN, to honour his memory and the work the Foundation is doing, also to honour the memory of a loved one who was lost to cancer or support someone who is fighting cancer. Cheers to all the volunteers who promote, set up and work the RUN.

Jeers to the Toby Bench resident complaining about the adaptive trail work being done at the Lillian Lake trail network. This trail work will allow persons with mobility restrictions a safe opportunity to freely recreate on Crown land.

Cheers to the 911 response team! On August 29th, this professional and caring team responded immediately. The 911 operator stayed on the phone with me until paramedics arrived. The paramedics quickly assessed the situation and whisked us off to Invermere hospital’s ER. More Cheers to the Invermere Hospital Emergency Room team! Cheers to all for taking stress out of a stressful situation!

Cheers to the gentleman that kindly pointed out that there was a large puddle of oil under my car last Friday. Jeers to me for falling prey to the Dunning-Kruger effect as I confidently declared that it couldn’t be my car that was leaking oil.

A Big Cheers to Dixie Coy! Taking the time to deliver beautifully grown fresh floral arrangements to residents of The Valley “Yes it is a Great Day at Coy’s .”

Huge Cheers to the Windermere PAC for organizing a fantastic fall carnival, and Cheers to all the volunteers who made it possible! Special shout out to the Rockies players for not just running the booths, but encouraging the kids, being patient and having fun with them while you volunteered.

A BIG CHEERS to Richard and Fred Kinsey at K5 Mechanical, the way you handled our case was honorable and professional. The truck has never run so well. It is so great to have a trustworthy mechanic. Much appreciated, you guys are the salt of the earth.

Cheers to the new pizza joint in Athalmer. I like it, I really like it

Cheers & Jeers Sept 19th

Cheers to Marly for getting school bus services to Castlerock. Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated for getting a valued service. The Castlerock community and families are greatful!

HUGE CHEERS TO JEB, Ken (new), Kelly, Ken and Chopper, Mike, Gary, Geoff, Tylers’ (x2), Justin, Jamie, Eriq and Jack. We LOVE our new home at The Trails. It has been a pleasure dealing with all of you. Much appreciation for all of your hard work!

A Big Cheers to Roxanne, LaRae, Janice C, Penny, and Janice M. who came to Branch #199 and helped prepare hundreds of perogies! Your help is always truly appreciated!

Jeers to me for being rude to the gentlemen on the patio of Copper Point Restaurant on the evening of Sept. 11th. One of you was smoking and I made a comment. There was no one else around and you did put it out. Very appreciated! Our son recently passed away from a lung related disease, despite never having smoked a day in his life. That is no excuse to be rude but is a sensitive issue with me. I am sorry!

Cheers to Milt Deck for helping us out earlier this summer on Westside Road with our truck troubles!

Cheers to the District of Invermere gardeners for making a wonderful, colorful garden and flower arrangement outside the Library entrance.

Jeers to cashiers who don’t handle fruit with care! We spend time to pick out the good, non-bruised ones to have them thrown and bruised at the checkout! Please handle our fruit with care!

A huge Cheers to all the people and all the businesses out there that helped the Brisco Riding Club have another successful year. With all your wonderful donations and contributions, we were able to have hosted many fun events. We tip our hats to all of you!

Jeers to the editor for writing essentially an anti-Trudeau tirade under disguise “resident coordinating political forums.”

Cheers to the flowers around town, they are stunning. You all have done a wonderful job and I swear they get better every year

Cheers & Jeers Sept. 12th

Cheers to Dana Bjorkman for taking such good care of the Canal Flats grade 8 students. Going into the school with the kids to make sure they knew where to go on the first day is above and beyond! Dana is an A+ bus driver and we appreciate it.

The biggest of Cheers to BC Highways for paving all of Wilmer. We have finally been invited into the next century! And Cheers for the paving crew from Okanagan Paving – boy you guys work hard!

Cheers to the person who dropped off a tree stump at the entrance way at Sobeys. I removed it and sold the root ball for $150. Much appreciated!

Jeers to whomever in Windermere is starting their chainsaw/lawnmower /leaf blower up at 7:45 a.m. You are shockingly inconsiderate to the people who live around you, and you should be embarrassed by this lack of thought on your part.

Jeers to the red truck who passed us on THE SHOULDER along Athalmere Road, right by Home Hardware, on the morning of the 29th. It was not only dangerous – but dumb. A big JEERS to you…I hope you don’t eventually get into an accident driving like that. Then right after, as we turned right at the lights and slowed to stop at the stop sign by Kicking Horse – ANOTHER car went right through the intersection without stopping. Must have been in the air! Come on people – give your head a shake!

Huge Cheers to the brilliant owner of Columbia Valley Sign Artists who would not let me pay for the sayings on my “champagne” mugs! She stated it was because we are nurses and she believes nurses are special! Wow! a donation has been made to the food bank. What a wonderful place to live!

Cheers to Patty’s Greenhouse for delivering delicious veggies, fruits, eggs, jams, and so much more, all over the valley! Your stuff is awesome and I am so grateful you do what you do so well!

Cheers to the wonderful Landscaping Team who keeps our downtown beautiful with their incredible floral displays in the flower beds. It is a source of pride for all of us – and you folks need to be Cheered in a big way!

Cheers to all the guys at the soaring club for the waves and chats as we watched the action everyday. You made my grandkids very happy.

A shout out of Cheers to the blender/roasters of Stolen Church Coffee. Your espresso blend is divine, smooth as silk with no bitter aftertaste. No sweetening needed. Good work!

Cheers to the Australian rugby player with his 4 mates playing his first round of golf ever at Windermere Valley. His first drive on #1 netted only 10 meters. However, on #8 he scored an ace for his first hole-in-one! Those of us who witnessed the achievement marveled at his innocence. He was awarded a Windermere Valley flag that his mates autographed. Congratulations!

Cheers to Britt for “treating” the staff at Columbia Garden Village. You are the BEST!

Hugs and Cheers to Jess for the Communi-Tea! Everyone had such a lovely time!

Cheers to Dana Harrison of Ontario for stepping forward at Canadian Tire this week to pay for all the cat litter for the ICAN shelter. Dana stepped up to pay for eight boxes of cat litter. A volunteer at her own local shelter in Ontario, Dana understands the need and the costs of shelter life. Cheers Dana, and may we learn to pay your act of kindness forward when visiting other communities.

Cheers to Travel Ubuds for a great summer full of laughs, BBQ, boating, board games, golf, bacon, wine and all of the adventures throughout the last few months! No matter if we’re traveling around the world or just around the sand hill, it’s always a great time with the two of you. The cabin is a special place and I would like to “Cheers” to the memories thus far and the ones yet to be made!

Bouquet of Cheers to Inspire Floral for the beautiful flowers given to Columbia Garden Village. They are very appreciated!

Cheers to Dee Conklin for all the kind, caring things you do for my husband and I. You are a true friend indeed.

Cheers to our wonderful Windermere/ Ixtapa friends, Jack and Yvonne Olson! It was great to visit with you and meet your precious granddaughter, Fehryn. The pizza was delicious, your yard is amazing, and your friendship is cherished. Your Saskatchewan (jam) friends!

Cheers & Jeers September 5th

Cheers to the handsome stranger who was next in line to me at Valley Foods, who secretly paid for my groceries! He escaped before I realized what was happening. I didn’t even have a chance to tell him how appreciative I was! Did I remind him of his grandmother? What a lovely gesture and what a beautiful town we live in.

A big Cheers to the 46 volunteers who helped put on our 2019 Columere Park Family BBQ, enjoyed by almost 300 residents and friends. Your willingness to step up and help is one of the reasons why Columere is such a great place to live in. Special Cheers to Fairmont’s Mountainside Market and Coulee Brewery for your generous contributions and support of our annual summer event.

Jeers to me for getting testy in the lineup at the Thrift store. Cheers to people who play fair and get in line at the back.

A great big CHEERS to Jill, Lauren and the Leaders of the Adventure Radium program. Your leadership and fine service delivery throughout the summer for all the young attendees is deeply appreciated. Your efforts make this program the success that it is. Well done!

Cheers to Max, Bucky, and Al for moving our 3,500 lb box into place around a tight corner at our house. Grateful for your expertise, professionalism and superpowers. You are truly masters of your trade!

Big Cheers to RFE ALARMS for coming to my rescue yet again. Cheers to the installation of a water detector, I was saved from a very wet basement. The alarm sounded and I did not think of water but help arrive very quickly to shut off the source of the problem. Even if I had not been at home, RFE could have accessed the house and taken care of the leak. Should I buy RFE a sump pump for Christmas as a gift to my guardian angels?

Cheers to AQUAIR WATER CO for responding quickly to my plaintive cry for help when the old Reverse Osmosis system went down from exhaustion. A new control system is in place and if only the same could be done for we old timers!

Cheers to the staff at Radium Hot Springs for rescuing my relatively new swim trunks that were absent-mindedly left behind in the men’s locker room. The return of them is appreciated.

Cheers to Mike for taking us along Sailing! We had a blast!

Cheers to the downtown spicy Mexican tacos. More please!

Cheers to Arnold and Garette Brockmeyer for helping me out when my quad broke down up by Lake Enid. Much appreciated

Cheers & Jeers August 29th

Cheers to Justin Keitch! You are an amazingly talented graphic designer and always a pleasure to work with. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Cheers to the person who found my phone and left it where I could retrieve it after I put it on top of my truck and drove away like a fool. I owe you one!

CHEERS to Marlo and the lady who accompanies her. Marlo distributes the Valley Peak every Wednesday. She is very positive and friendly. I look forward to her weekly visits as brief as they may be. Much appreciation Marlo for being such a nice young lady!

Cheers to Peter Smith! You put in so many hours and accomplished so much quietly “behind the scenes” – you are such a credit to this community, Valley and the Fairmont Business Association – many many Cheers to you!

Big Cheers to Flats Fest, such a fun time and great entertainment. Hats off to organizer Craig Moritz, his helpers, and many sponsors. This event truly showcased Canal Flats!

Cheers to Dustin at Rigid Plumbing, who answered our emergency call when our septic alarm went off. He rolled up his sleeves and got to work assessing the problem. Called an electrician to help him out and got our septic system back up and running in no time. We are so impressed with the way he handled our call and grateful that he figured out the problem and fixed it so efficiently. Much appreciation from the bottom of our hearts!

Jeers to the homeowners or (rental companies) from Timber Ridge who tell their Alberta renters to leave their garbage in the private bins at Black Forest heights.

BIG CHEERS to Fairmont Subway for making 18 platters for the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Team Appreciation Lunch!

Cheers to the woman in the white van on Wednesday who stopped at the intersection and asked a bunch of teenagers not to play in the flowers. She explained that a lot of work goes in to these displays. And they are there for everyone to enjoy.

BIG CHEERS to Farside Inn for making 30 pizzas for the Fairmont Hot Springs Team Appreciation Lunch!

Huge Cheers to the creative Kim at Villa Skein for the perfect solution to my office decor dilemma. Guess things were meant to happen that way…

Cheers to the RDEK and Radium Council visionaries who spared no expense to pave paradise and put up a porta-pottie AND a parking lot on the old canoe landing. (And they even replaced that with a concrete climbing wall!)

Cheers to my Amazing Husband of almost 12 years for working so hard for us. We love spending summers in the valley and appreciate all you do, each day to allow us such a privilege. We love you!

Cheers and much gratitude to the kind-hearted paddle boarder who plucked our fur kid out of the lake and onto his board, bringing him safely ashore. Also big Cheers to the brave swimmers, Tristan and Dayton, who jumped into help and retrieved the frisbee.

Cheers to A/Z Mountain Adventure trail rides and their great staff!

Cheers to Lydia S for donating Art to Columbia House.

Cheers for Susan at Valley Hairstyling. Lop off 15 pounds of hair and feel lightheaded, fewer headaches, and a whole new look!

MASSIVE CHEERS to Angela M., The Pioneer Staff, and Village Arts for their honesty and help in reuniting me with the pair of wool mitts I had just purchased as a Christmas gift and then absent-mindedly left in the public washroom in Invermere. It might seem like nothing major to you all, but it meant the world to me. I super appreciate your honesty and dedication to helping them find their way back to me! I can’t wait to pick them up next time I am there. We have been coming there for 9 years now, almost twice a month, and have met so many wonderful people in the Valley. This is icing on the cake and proves what a wonderful community you have.

CHEERS to my reliable, loyal and dependable staff at the Bistro for another amazing summer. So proud of our Business Awards! You are the best “work family” I could ever ask for! Watch for your end of summer bonuses!

Cheers & Jeers August 22nd

Cheers to all the Garden Volunteers at Columbia House.

Jeers to my owners for letting me out everyday to go to the bathroom by myself. I know I am a good dog and I always come back home, but when you’re not watching, I go poop in the public green spaces and pathways, and in my neighbour’s yards. We live in such a beautiful town and since I’m only a dog I can’t pick up after myself. My poop smells really bad and it’s a health hazard for the kids that step and ride their bikes in it. Please be responsible and watch me when I go out and clean up after me so that everyone can enjoy our beautiful town.

Big Cheers to Jeremy, the Golf Pro at Riverside Golf Course at Fairmont Hot Springs, for his excellent skills in teaching our 5 year old grandson the basics of golfing during the Saturday morning Little Fairmonsters golf camp. His cheery, encouraging and fun-loving manner was greatly appreciated by the little golfers, parents, and grandparents alike.

Cheers to the Miners and the Loggers who send their products to the world. You are the economic backbone of this Valley.

Jeers to whoever tried to steal the quad at Valley Spas. We have you on camera, it’s just a matter of time!

Cheers to Trevor and Kyra for the GREAT job you do in making the members feel appreciated. You have gone above and beyond this year and we have noticed.

A special Cheers to Eva for making Satin Pillow Cases for the residents at Columbia House.

Cheers to a great Neighbour and friend, Bob Kochorek, A Community Charity Volunteer, maintaining the Windermere Beach, Repairs to Community Center, clearing snow from the side walks and driveways during the winter months, Visitation’s to sick neighbours, recently when several Neighbours required medical operations Bob jumped in to help maintained yards and gardens and what was needed without requesting. It was very much appreciated. What an asset Bod is to the Community of Windermere… one Big Cheers to Bob!

Jeers to the rampant number of drivers who have been tailing my kid who is learning to drive. The red L is there for a reason and so is the yellow sign on top of the driver’s ed car. It is disgusting that experienced drivers can’t use common courtesy and BACK OFF.

Cheers to Justin Trudeau for not apologizing over the SNC Lavalin affair and turfing the two female cabinet ministers. He has to show Canada that there is no room for justice and ethics in the federal Liberal Party.

Jeers to all the raw sewage Victoria BC dumps into the ocean, ruining the sea bed. Maybe they shouldn’t worry so much about other provinces and clean up BC’s own act!

Cheers to Bruce for his amazing music contributions over many years at Columbia House.

Big Cheers to the small painted rocks placed carefully along the Lakeview Meadows cart / walking path. The cheerfully painted designs with a few words of encouragement absolutely brightened our day. We look forward to looking at them on our dog walks. Much appreciated, a little cheer goes a long way.

A heartfelt CHEERS to the Village of Radium Hot Springs for their swift and diligent attention for ensuring our Village’s water treatment system is repaired in a timely manner and operating properly for providing us with the best drinking water in the Valley! Your communications and offered best practices during the brief outage was greatly appreciated.

Cheers & Jeers August 15th

Cheers to Jason of Woody’s Plumbing – First Class Service from a First Class gentleman.

Cheers to Tyler Brockmeyer and his staff for the super job you did of drywalling in our house. You showed up on time every day, did a very professional job and cleaned up after you left. We would definitely hire you again.

Jeers to the decisions made this year that are more dangerous than ever with the new road and you sure accomplished your goal of slowing down the traffic (to a complete stop for kms). On a new note, why close off 1 of 2 entrance/exits points to the access road across from the hospital. Was there a problem before? What happens now if there is an emergency at the North end and now the South end is blocked and locked? Good work guys!

Cheers to the very thoughtful person who recognised my cane and brought it back to me. Much appreciated!

Cheers to all the amazing people I know and never met before who helped with my difficult, long move on the hottest day of the week. Whether you were on crutches, facing health/body part challenges, or tired after working, you slugged it out with your generosity of time, food, muscle, brains, and kind encouragement-how blessed can I be to live in such a paradise of great community minded souls?

Cheers to Jake at Lakeview Manor for all his kindness for all the work he does for the residents and the Manor. He is just a fabulous man with a huge heart.

Cheers to great neighbor who found and returned my glasses! Cheers to the Pioneer at the heart of our community for making that possible…. returned while the paper was still hot from the press.

Jeers to communities that accept FireSmart funding but do not enforce FireSmart guidelines.

Huge Cheers to all the volunteers and organizers of Loop the Lake 2019. For showing up in the rain to provide us with water, encouragement, and snacks. Cheers to all the runners that participated! Great effort. See you all next year!

Cheers to the Columbia Valley Pioneer for initiating the “Climate Changer” series. We all need to start thinking and talking about climate change. Most importantly, we need to take action and have hope for the future!

Cheers to the Calgary couple who pulled over in KNP and offered me assistance after my vehicle battery lost its charge. It was a split decision you made rounding a corner and you made my unexpected predicament/evening more tolerable. I hope you had a great time at the wedding you attended. I will naturally be paying it forward.

Cheers to Therese and Mary for listening and doing all that you did to help out when asked. You are truly saints and I will be forever grateful.

Cheers to Woody’s Plumbing for the excellent service you give to us. You return phone calls (even on a holiday weekend), and follow-up with a visit to our home to check on the problem. For sure, you are the best plumbers in the Valley.

Cheers & Jeers August 8th

Cheers to the women from Fields who turned in my iPad to the Bank of Montreal. Much appreciated!

Three Big Cheers to Tim at our Telus store. Your help and guidance with a technology problem is greatly appreciated. More reason to support our local businesses.

A huge Cheers to Tim and Jaye at Selkirk Cellular for handling our recent Telus contract renewals. We were so impressed with your product knowledge, advice and set up assistance. You made renewing all our contracts a breeze!

Cheers to Mike T. for the gift of a leaf blower and mulch. Your thoughtfulness and generosity are much appreciated!

The biggest Cheers to all who donated to my medical cancer call for help at go fund me. Twyla Foran, Pricilla Cooper, My dear mum Betty Sampson, my sis Audrey Sexsmith, Tracy Flynn, Jennifer Gare, David Sheedy, France and Keith Andestad, David Read, Brent Woodward, Bruce Marin, Sherri Cline, and Angelina Haynes. Once again Biggest Cheers to you all. It is great to be a part of this caring and beautiful valley.

Cheers to Woody’s Plumbing for the excellent service you give to us. You return phone calls (even on a holiday weekend), and follow-up with a visit to our home to check on the problem. For sure, you are the best plumbers in the Valley.

CHEERS to my husband, and Brandon of Fairmont Jewelers for designing and crafting the beautiful ring that my husband gave me on our 50th Anniversary. It is truly one of a kind.

Cheers to our community creative knitters, who make little beanies and toques for our babies at the Health Unit. We appreciate your hard work and care for the children of the Valley.

Cheers to Eric at Valley Foods for helping a senior citizen not one but two Fridays in a row. You took time out of your day and away from your job to help someone who needed it. It was appreciated!

Huge cheers to Jay Lightfoot for dropping his tools Friday morning and immediately coming to rescue the umbrella that Mary Poppins dropped on the roof of our building!

Jeers to the owner of the home on the Ridge in Lakeview Meadows who had a noisy party on Sunday night. You ruined a beautiful evening for the Residence of Lakeview Meadows and Timber Ridge with your extra loud music from your DJ. Your ignorance does not go unnoticed.

Cheers to all the awesome BC coal trains that come through every day to bring that great BC coal to the west coast. Largest coal export area on the whole coast. CLEAN & GREEN!

Cheers & Jeers August 1st

Cheers to Ole Westergard of WAA Construction for once again coming to our rescue at our house in Radium. You are a very competent, friendly gentleman and have been a very big help to us.

Cheers to Cali for delivering beautiful snapdragons to Columbia House.

Cheers and Happy Birthday this week to Bronwen. I know how much you love this paper, so now you’re in it! Much appreciation for being such an amazing person and friend!

Jeers to the increasing amount of rude visitors in the valley this year! I have seen and heard of more cases of verbal abuse towards workers than ever, and stores are constantly being left a mess by customers. The people here in town work hard to give visitors a positive experience. Sad to see that manners and general kindness are longer important to the general public.

Belated Great Big CHEERS to the two Princes who live on 15th St and 10A Ave. They combined forces to mow down all the weeds which are rampant on an unused parcel of land. What has been a neglected right of way for years, now looks mainly under control. Your good work is greatly appreciated, past and present by your neighbour.

A big Cheers to the patient, cheerful, hardworking volunteers at the valley thrift stores both in Invermere and in Radium!

Cheers to my sister who saved not one but TWO men from drowning in Lake Windermere last week (separate incidents). Very grateful she noticed their distress and knew how to safely rescue them in deep water.

Cheers to Ray, Pam, Sheila, John and Willa from the Invermere Pickleball Club for organizing the recent tournament at Pineridge. Because of you we had fun staying out of the kitchen and not getting pickled. Much appreciated!

Cheers to Gwen Stewart for being such a dependable, loyal, efficient and very patient homecare worker. You were a big help in my husband’s recovery.

A huge Cheers to Justin and Trevor at GeePa Marine, for going above and beyond on our boat repair. Your professional manor, and service was top notch.

Our heartfelt Cheers to John and Greg of the Windermere Fire and Rescue Department and Breanne and staff from Columbia River Paddle for going above and beyond to rescue us when our canoe capsized half way to Radium. It was a long ordeal for everyone involved – but we are finally warm, dry and happy to be alive!

A huge CHEERS to Megan, Martin, and the staff of Allium Cafe at Pynelogs for helping to make our 50th Anniversary such a memorable event. The food and venue couldn’t have been more perfect for our gathering of family and friends.

Cheers to the Hungry Rooster during Market on Main for giving a black Lab a dish of ice water. Us animals must stick together.

CHEERS to my hubby of 50 years for being such a romantic, thoughtful man. I hereby promise never to burn your underwear ever again.

CHEERS to the awesome staff at Sonshine Day Children’s Centre. You rock!

Cheers to the District of Invermere for clearing away the old community hall. The view of the July 1st fireworks were epic!

Jeers to nosy neighbours who complain about anything and everything. We love you, but enough is enough!

Cheers & Jeers July 25th

Cheers to the Invermere Soaring Centre and the Canadian Rockies Soaring Club for providing scholarships and sponsoring young students who want to become glider pilots. They do this every summer at the Invermere Airport.

Cheers to Trevor for investing a big wad of cash on an upgraded exhaust system for his Pawnee tow plane. Significantly reducing noise while towing gliders over the Invermere Airport.

Cheers to Margaret Radermacher my very special Chiropractor. You are truly the best.

Cheers to Sylvia Walkers family for the generous donation of yarn to our Happy Hands group. It will be put to good use helping others.

Cheers to Invermere Soaring Center and the Canadian Rockies Soaring Club for having passion to experience the joy of soaring over our beautiful mountains without engine power.

Cheers to Jessie McKerchie for being such a kind, caring home care nurse. Your bedside manner is exceptional, and you have a very comforting way with your patients. We are very lucky to have you in our community.

Cheers to Jim Harrison for being so prompt and professional when completing work in our house. You return phone calls, complete the work when promised and cleanup when the work is done. First class!

Cheers or Jeers. Not sure…. for the gentleman who is not happy with our Drum group at Pynelogs. That’s not good, our drumming is meant to create community and connections. There is a complimentary ticket at Monday night group, with a sincere invitation to come join us. You are welcome to come, or give the ticket to another; come experience who we are and our delight in drumming.

Cheers to all those strangers, paramedics, nurses and doctors who took care of me after I was hit by a vehicle in the crosswalk by Sobeys on July 6th. I greatly appreciate your attention and kindness at that time.

Cheers to Keara at the Library. She’s always a smiling face right as you walk in and is so willing to help. We have wonderful people in our Valley!

Cheers to everyone in the Valley who helped make our wedding day so special! Randy and the team at Edibles Catering, Winderberry Farm for the beautiful planters, Michele Neider, Ryan Murton, David Gulbe, Darryl, Brian at Red Eye, and the neighbours of Baltac and Timber Ridge!

Cheers to the RCMP Officer that pulled over her car, in front of Gerry’s Gelati, to show her car to about 8 young girls. She showed them, among other things, how all the sounds and lights worked and let them sit inside. These girls will grow up with a great deal of respect for the officers that keep our streets safe.

Jeers to the person who stole the street signs that tell drivers to slow down on Lakeview Drive. These signs are there for a reason: to protect our children, our pets, and all other pedestrians that walk along this road. Speeding in residential areas is already selfish, disrespectful and a danger to the public, no matter who you are, how much money you make and what car you drive. But stealing someone’s property on top of that is just pathetic.

Cheers to Crisanna! In the many years I’ve known you, you’ve always had such a terrific, positive attitude. I hope everyone has read your letter to the editors in the July 18th paper and some of that attitude rubs off. The world needs more Crisanna!

Cheers to the 45 volunteers who came out for the Rushmere FireSmart work day this past Saturday. You worked through the rain and cut, slashed and disposed of three large bins of wood waste material. Your effort made Rushmere a safer place from the threat of wildfire and you have assured that Rushmere will keep its FireSmart Community status, first earned in 2015, again in 2019. Great work and great neighbours.

Mountains of Cheers to my friend, T. Your commitment to others is humbling and inspiring. As mother, wife, auntie, firefighter, community activist, and friend you rock! We are so fortunate to have you in our lives.

Cheers & Jeers July 18th

Cheers to Tao with Parks Canada! You really helped us out and made our trip out to the mountains so perfect!

A great big Cheers to Mike, Arly and the staff at Walkers Auto repair. They went above and beyond to get my pickup repaired so I could leave as scheduled and got warranty on prematurely failed parts from a Calgary installer. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now.

Jeers to me for complaining about the tow planes and gliders last week. I’m beginning to realize that other people are out enjoying their lives as well as me and we all have a right to our fun! Have a great summer adventurous Invermere!

Cheers to our super awesome camping crew. Premier Lake was epic! Until the next one…

Cheers to my wife Lindsey for jumping in the Radium pool on the weekend to rescue a young swimmer who was struggling. Grateful for her watchful eye! Extra Cheers to her mom who cheered her on!

Jeers to owners that turned their long-term housing rentals into Airbnb rentals. There are very few long-term rentals left, especially affordable ones. Owners please think of the people working hard in this community that love living here but are in desperate housing situations, we need housing!

Jeers to the dog walkers that cut in front of an emergency vehicle trying to get to the Hospital. Jeers to everyone that won’t pull over for flashing lights, it’s the law. You should have to take your driver’s exam again.

Cheers to the Glider pilot that preformed some amazing acrobatics buzzing mount swansea on the 11th. You turned an awesome hike into a spectacular one.

Cheers” to the Friends of the Library for hosting a fabulous Big Book Sale once again. To all of the volunteers who assisted with the planning, book displays and those who also cleaned up after the very successful event – “à votre santé”. “Euge” to all of the purchasers who went home with treasures. “Skal” to everyone who supports municipal and public libraries. Happy reading!

Huge Cheers to Kayja Becker for keeping United Dance alive.

Giant Cheers to Canfor for the beautiful lumber they donated, to Home Hardware for the material donation and to Bobby Wright D.T.S.S. wood class for building the fantastic panels to complete an enchanting theme for the 2019 Prom.

Cheers to the DOI for the color and content of the community sign.

A great big appreciated Cheers to everyone who gives me compliments on what I do and when I walk through town also on my fashion in clothing. It makes my day. Be happy I am still able to get around on my own.

Cheers to Summit Trail Makers Society and all the volunteers who did such a great maintenance job on the trails so the rest of us can enjoy the beauty of the mountains. Be sure to check out their Facebook page and website.

Cheers & Jeers July 11th

Cheers to Big “Al” of Total Heating for a quick response to the failure of our heat and cool system. Quick estimate and system back on line the next day at a fair price.

Cheers to the Neilson girls at the A&W! You’re are always so friendly and efficient ..even on a busy long weekend. You totally rock and display true customer service! You are appreciated!!

Jeers to the gliders and tow planes that just kept roaring around, hard to have a family BBQ when you’re around.

Cheers to Colleen Roberts for all the effort to have a welcoming appearance all the way into our town instead of an industrial construction mishmash that doesn’t make a good first impression. Too bad more can’t be done to improve the look and feel of the crossroads.

Cheers to everyone at Windermere beach on Canada day. For standing still as the momma doe collected her twin fawns from the Island. A magical moment. Oh What a place we


Our sincere Cheers and gratitude to Travis Cameron for both the ride down the hill and returning our forgotten backpack. Cheers to you Doug and your grandkids

Jeers to the half-full beer can tossed into the library book return bin during the grad banquet last week and ruined several library books. Find a recycling bin next time.

Cheers to the Legion and everyone that helped with the parade. It was a great day.

Jeers to the people who set up tents on already crowded Canada Long Weekend beaches. Jeers for the view of the back of your tent.

Cheers to the thoughtful person that returned my cellphone, ID and CC’s to the RCMP from what I thought was the bottom of Lake Enid! Other than a couple of Rainbow trout selfies, I have no other finder information. Really appreciate the effort 🙂 If you can believe it, I plugged it in and it works!

Big Cheers to Dan and Hugh for being troopers on the BBQ’s at the Legion during the Monsoon! Great Job! Cheers to all the volunteers, adults and kids who never let the rain….Rain on their Parade! Cheers to everyone for the great community spirit!

A huge Life Saving Cheers to Christy Way of Spruce Grove RV Park for using her Respiratory Therapist skills on Canada Day. On that day, a male rafter was enjoying the spirit of the day and became unresponsive and was in respiratory distress. Christy came on the scene moments later, established and maintained an open airway, provided oxygen, and assisted the ambulance service by continuing to provide her medical skills throughout transport to Invermere Hospital. She also offered support and assistance to the hospital personnel once the patient had been transferred into their care. Kudos for saving this man’s life!

Big Cheers to Patrick C for all the fun drum circles he’s hosting. From drumming events at the farmers market, to Pynelogs on Monday, to the porch parties at a music festival, all are an energy raising ruckus that leaves the participants and crowds smiling, feeling thrilled to be part of such joyful way to spend an hour!

Cheers to Lisa Tenta for staying late every week to be there for me!

Heartfelt cheers to Jim for the homemade Yard Dice. Columbia Garden Village will be letting the good times roll!

Cheers to RDEK staff and Area G Rep Gerry Wilkie for the wonderful reception at Edgewater Hall last Tuesday. And thanks to all the friends and neighbours who came out to share my moment as Volunteer of the year. I know many volunteers who do much more and deserve this recognition much more than I do. Nevertheless, cheers for honouring me, and for drawing attention to the fact that volunteers are essential to keep all our civic, social, cultural, recreational, environmental, charitable, and public safety services rolling. I’m pleased to be able to help out when I can.

Cheers to Mike and Scott at Windermere Golf Course, and to Brian, Dennis and Scott at Copper Point Golf Club for coaching and supporting the DTSS Golf Team this season. You guys rock!

Giant Cheers from the decorating committee for the 2019 Grads to Canfor for their donation of the beautiful lumber, Home Hardware for donating the building materials and Bobby Wrights DTSS Wood class for building the gorgeous lighted panels that decorated the Columbia Valley Centre for an enchanting prom.

Cheers to all the truckers who blow their air horns at the children lined up at the fence. As they are asking, you are replying you are making their day. It’s the little things in life that bring happiness.

Cheers to all the Palliative and Home Care staff at the Invermere Hospital. The residents of this Valley are so lucky to have such caring and professional people walking us through our most troubling of times.

Jeers to the event on the 6th. I’m happy that lot of people enjoyed the night but please consider the neighbourhood. Playing loud music after 10pm was not so cool I was in bed had to work early in the morning next day.

Huge Cheers to Chris Seitz – the Valley needs more people like you!

Huge cheers to Tim and Galen from CDL flooring for the excellent job laying our floor!

Jeers to fanny packs disguised as purses.

A huge baseball cheers to Jon & Justine for donating the “Mitt” size flowers! They were very beautiful and appreciated by the CGV residents and staff.

Cheers to Sobeys for having the most beautiful fresh cut flowers in town. They wrap them beautifully and they are sooo inexpensive!

Cheers & Jeers July 4th

A big 3 Cheers for Columbia Cycle in Athalmer. For any of you with older models of the Sun Mountain push golf cart, Columbia Cycle are superb at keeping them on the fairway! Great job replacing my brake cable!

Cheers to the wonderful couple who came to our rescue after a bicycling mishap June 15th on Windermere Loop Road. Much appreciation for going out of your way to take our bikes and us home! Your kind and caring ways will always be remembered.

CHEERS to Rhiannon Tutty at Sunlife Financial for helping navigate through the financial maze of my executor duties. Rhiannon’s efforts provided clarity and results!

Cheers to the pharmacists at Lambert Kipp Pharmacy. Your heartfelt compassion and amazing service are truly appreciated.

Cheers to Denis from SD6 Bus Depot. You are so patient and flexible. The EMP kindergarten class is very grateful for all your trips this year. Have an awesome summer!

JEERS to the person who passed me on the shoulder of the road at Coy’s turnoff. Not only is it illegal to pass on the right of a two-lane highway it is illegal to drive on the shoulder. Keep up the good work.

CHEERS to the Westside Legacy Trail and the District of Invermere for making safe routes for cyclists!

Cheers to Melanie Ykema for her courage and resilience through such a traumatic ordeal, and for going public with her story, especially when victims are often blamed by friends, family, and complete strangers. By sharing, she may give others courage to come forward when they’ve been assaulted. Cheers to the Pioneer for publishing her story as well.

JEERS to the cyclists who continue to use the Westside Road as a bike lane and then get angry when we pass them. You are not a car.

Cheers to the staff at the Invermere Petro Canada and OK Tire for helping me with the flat tire on my trailer. Much appreciated.

Cheers to all those that remember and honk! We hear you at the house he hears you too.

Cheers to our wonderful family who made our 35-60-70 party so much fun. The surprise was awesome!

Cheers to a great family that organized a party for us. Especially to my sister Lisa. The beach looks greaton the deck.

Huge CHEERS go out to John and Margo of Fairmont Pizza and Ice Cream for treating our residents from Mount Nelson Place with the delicious ice cream when they came down for a visit on June 25th. It was a highlight to their day.

Jeers to drivers in Windermere who necessitate the implementation of measures to slow you down. An ugly sign was only put up after tasteful and tactful measures were callously stolen.