Cheers & Jeers

Cheers and Jeers May 31st

Cheers to Greg DuBois, Summit Valley Contracting Ltd., and his amazing mobile chipper, which helped the community of CastleRock Estates reduce hazardous forest fuels as part of its ongoing FireSmart initiatives.

Cheers to the thousands of out-of-town folk who enjoyed the beautiful weather in our Valley over the long weekend and for respectfully visiting with us in the communities and neighbourhoods where we live. Great to see you recreating on our lakes, beaches, trails and golf courses. Please come back again soon.

Jeers to the irresponsible immature adults who float propane tanks on Columbia Lake and then shoot them (yes with a gun) just to watch them explode. The explosion can be heard and felt in Canal Flats not to mention the repercussions it has on the fish, wildlife and the environment. It will not be such a thrill when someone gets seriously injured or killed. Jeers to the people who actually sit around and watch and let this happen.

Cheers to Mac-Neil Mowing and Landscaping irrigation crews for keeping our lawn in tip top shape.

Cheers to Lorene Keitch, Editor, CV Pioneer, for her keen interest in learning more about FireSmart Canada and helping the community of CastleRock Estates raise awareness of the importance of communities working together to mitigate risks from wildland-urban wildfires.

Cheers to Britt for picking us up at the airport and looking after our house.

Cheers to Heather for keeping our teeth so clean.

Cheers to all the restaurants and businesses that are phasing out the use of plastic straws. It can seem like such a small thing, but the impact of the elimination of this plastic in our environment is going to be huge.

Jeers to the out-of-town teens who stayed in the rental accommodation within the Pineridge/Westridge neighbourhoods during the long weekend. Jeers to the parents who failed to supervise their kids while they loudly roamed throughout our usually quiet residential communities well after midnight. We have picked up the postal boxes that your kids pushed over and have recycled the cans and bottles they tossed into our yards. Trust that you all slept well although we could not.

Jeers to the condition of the Rotary ball park. There were multiple injuries from the state of the infield, the grass was not mowed and the one garbage can was filled to the top upon arriving.

Massive Jeers for not having anywhere for campers to dump sewage. This is a tourist town and there needs to be a spot to properly dispose of this waste or guess what, people will just dump it wherever in the bush! Isn’t that polluting? Would it be ok if I just dumped used oil in the bush? What’s the difference? I would also like to hear some feedback and comments from other people.

Jeers to the Columbia Valley Community Centre for not having the handrails installed outside. Over 1 year has passed since grad used the hall last year. Overall poor parking and sidewalk plan.

Cheers to the new housing on the Shuswap Band. Kudos to Chief Barb and Council.

Huge Cheers to the staff at Dr. Mark Moneo’s optometry clinic. On Friday, May 25th the frames of my glasses broke. We were visiting my son and his family in Radium at the time and I had no spares. The staff managed to fit my lenses into new frames at a very reasonable cost on the spot. This allowed me to see my granddaughter dance at her recital, spend time walking in the woods with my son, and generally enjoy the rest of our weekend. Very much appreciated!

Cheers to the Windermere District Historical Society and the Wilmer Community Club for co-hosting the showing of “Hacksaw” a movie partially filmed in Wilmer. The event was a success and enjoyed by all who attended!

Cheers to Sajeed, manager at the Husky in Radium. On my way back to Edmonton over the long weekend, I realized I left my wallet back in Cranbrook. I had no money, no way to get money, and a cranky toddler and anxious dog in tow. He let me e-transfer money to him, then personally produced enough cash for gas to get home and some food. I encourage everyone to be generous to the Radium Husky with your business!

Many Cheers to whomever is responsible for the traffic control at the four way stop in Radium on Friday of the May long weekend! Excellent work!

Jeers to the two 16 year old males with the rude attitude who attempted to steal our paddle boat off our dock Sunday of the long weekend. When we shouted to them to paddle it back in, they threatened not to if we called the police. How do kids end up so blatantly disrespectful, with no regard for other people’s property? They both ended up running away, my husband followed them in his car, and big cheers to the very busy RCMP for sticking with us and apprehending one of the boys!

Jeers to our town for wanting to ban/impose new fees and taxes for short term rentals. Hotels fully book in the summer! This opens up more opportunities for visitors from all over BC and Alberta to come experience the valley. As frustrating as it may be to have our little town turn into a mini city, our businesses would not survive without our tourism. And we are not in the place to turn down any more business.

Jeers to the person or persons in Twethewey subdivision in Windermere who leave their blue bags of dog poop in the middle of the roads(plural).

JEERS to the person who wrote … Go Home Alberta … in an outhouse along Highway 93. My passport says “ CANADIAN “ so in fact I am home.

Jeers to the excessive speeders continually jeopardizing the safety of others, their children and pets, crossing the CPR bridge onto the Fort Point. It is a well-marked 30km/hr pedestrian zone.

Cheers to Invermere Home Hardware for the use of the popcorn machine at the Wilmer Hall for the showing of “Hacksaw”. Cheers to Kootenay Coffee Works for donating ice to our event!!

Jeers to whomever took away the ash barrel at the Edgewater dump. Do they now expect us to dump the ashes in the dumpster? With such a dry climate this is a fire just waiting to happen. Please, for the safety of the valley, put it back.

Cheers & Jeers February 15th

• Cheers to the stranger in the No Frills parking lot on Saturday that helped me open the hood of my Jeep so I could refill my washer fluid!

• Cheers to the District of Invermere for their donation to the boys hockey team headed for Kitimat. We look forward to your continued support of other sporting groups and their fundraising efforts now that the precedent has been set.

• Cheers to all who have been coming out to support RCL Branch #199. Members and Guests. A special Cheers to all the volunteers who step up to the plate to make things happen. Lastly big Cheers to Ron D. for volunteering the time and materials to x the unsightly hole in the men’s washroom. Very appreciated!

• Cheers to Susan at Valley Hair! She’s friendly, professional and always gives me the haircut that I ask for!

• Cheers to Steve at Sobeys for contributing to the annual Valentine’s fundraiser at The Edge Youth Center. Your kind generosity is appreciated by Edgewater’s youth and our community.

• Cheers to Betty Hope for sewing Ice Bag covers for the EMP students! Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

• Cheers to Brandi, Parker, Josh and Seth; the Columbia Valley Rockies who came to visit Sonshine Preschool. We appreciate you taking time to talk to the children and play hockey with them. You were the highlight of our day!

• Cheers to Dave from Selkirk Repair for going above and beyond for the repair of our dishwasher. Much appreciated!

• Jeers to speeders in or near the school zones. Speeding cost a small deer his life on Thursday Feb. 8th. Fines for speeding can be $196 to $253. Jeers to the person who hit the deer and did not stop.

• Cheers to Zyzairia Stevens for volunteering at Windermere Elementary School during your exam break. All of the staff appreciate the help that you gave everyone!

• A great big Cheers to everyone who has helped me cross the street and waved at me. It’s greatly appreciated and why I love this community.

Cheers & Jeers February 1st

• Many Cheers to the “lifties” on the Discovery Chair at Panorama for their patience and accommodating the sit skiers every Sunday. Much appreciated and it’s something like that which makes it easier to get around and enjoy Panorama.

• Cheers to John and Linda Blakley for getting me out of the hospital and making it to Calgary. You are cherished friends.

• A big Cheers to the District of Invermere crew for making the day for EMP Grade 1s! We had a blast checking out your cool equipment and learning more about your jobs. Your time and kindness is much appreciated.

• Cheers to Catrien DeRuyter and the PASS volunteers at Panorama for all their hard work. You guys all go the extra mile and make Sundays such a wonderful and fulfilling experience for myself. Without you and your amazing program, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the sport I love. You are all amazing people with a ton of patience and positivity.

• Jeers to all the people complaining about the wildlife. It’s either the sheep droppings or the deer eating the shrubs. Now it is the turkeys. A simple flood light under your trees or strings of light, will stop them from roosting in your trees. If people want to live in a sanitary environment, they should move to the city.

• CHEERS to Carole Seghers, Bob Krocker and Ron Schnider for their contributions to the success of the Hard Times event and CHEERS to all who came out in support.

• Cheers to Brenda and Todd Mitchell, owners of Pizzeria Mercato, for donating all of their bottles and cans to the Windermere Elementary School Leadership Club. With your help we are closer to achieving our goal!

• Enthusiastic Cheers to the SD6 Operations and Maintenance crew. The EMP Grade 1s loved the interesting tour, learning about what you do, and of course the cookies! Your thoughtfulness and time is much appreciated.

• Cheers to FHSR for their wonderful exercise and fitness facilities. When the weather is rotten or roads are icy there is no better place to keep fit. State of the art equipment, hot and cold pools, dry and steam saunas; ‘ya can’t ask for more than that. You’ve saved my knees, lowered my blood pressure and sugar levels and helped to keep one old guy from sinking into the living room sofa. Immerse yourself boys and girls! The cure is in your hands and right in your own back yard!

• Cheers to Janice Mitchell, Kent Kebe, Julia Blakley and all others that offered their services, BCAmbulance, First responders and the young man that I stopped on the highway after my hit and run on Jan 9th, just past the Radium tunnel. Your keeping me warm and calm is much appreciated.

• Cheers to the lovely lady from Palliser Printing who paid for my coffee and cookie the morning of January 31st in the Tim Horton’s Drive-Thru. You put a big smile on my face!

• Cheers Anne Marie, Nick and all the Snowbird instructors at the Fairmont ski hill. You guys have so much patience and are awesome instructors.

• Cheers to all the volunteers that helped make the CV Rockies Pond Hockey a great success!

• Special Cheers to the ice-makers for their late nights getting therinks ready! Huge Cheers to Graeme and Noelene Anderson for everything they do for the Rockies organization.

• Cheers to Penny and Max from Columbia River Paddle for lending your popcorn machine to the Leadership Club at Windermere Elementary. The club truly appreciates your generosity!

• Cheers to the YPC moving crew that helped us move our offices in lightening speed and minimal downtime. You were friendly, helpful and took care too while being efficient and fast. Much appreciated!

• Cheers to the 9 out of 10 drivers who “share the road” and give me lots of clearance when I am running along Westside Road in winter. I appreciate the consideration. My wave shows my appreciation!

• Jeers to the person who complained about the Pioneer being late to get the paper online fast enough. I want to know your secret and I am sure I am not the only person who would like to know: How have you lived your life with never being late for anything? You must be the only person who has the right to complain about anyone or something else being late.

• Huge Cheers to Mr. Tire for assisting me during my accident in the Park. You know who I am, much appreciated!

• Cheers to the volunteers who organized a wonderful Family Skating Party at the new Frank’s Rink in Edgewater. Everyone who was not there missed a great day. Food and skating ice was the best.

• Cheers to Editor Lorene of this paper. I had a question about something that was in the Cheers section a couple of weeks ago and emailed her about it. She said she was also interested in the same thing and was going to follow up and maybe put a story about it in the paper. She said she would get back to me after she followed up with this person. She got back to me two days later and unfortunately the person we were interested in did not want to put the story in the paper. This is in response to the person who was complaining about the paper being late and I wanted to show you all that sometimes things are out of a person’s control and things happen but when something is in a person’s control things happen quickly. Much appreciated Lorene.

Cheers & Jeers February 1st

• Cheers to John and his sta at Fairmont Pizza! Not only the best pizza in the Valley but the best staff as well.

• Huge Cheers to Natalie Forrest for helping me gain mobility in my body. Life is fun again.

• Cheer to Larry Newman who took a day o work to volunteer his cooking skills for the Hard Times Dinner, a very tasty meal. Not only did Larry cook for the crowd, he then helped to entertain them.

• Cheers to The Lost Bell Singers and The Hard Timers who entertained at the recent Hard Times event in Edgewater. They truly sang for their supper which helped our fundraising effort immensely. Special Cheers to Kevin who stepped up as MC!

• Cheers to the ladies who came to my rescue last Tuesday, the icy morning. I was going to pick up my dry cleaning when I slipped and fell face-first, hitting the ground hard. Two lovely ladies

came to my rescue. They got me to my feet. Linda paid for my dry cleaning and put it in my car with no hesitation. Greatly appreciated Linda! The second lady (Barb) took me to emergency. Greatly appreciated Barb! What wonderful people! I’m so grateful to you both! The PEOPLE. Another reason why I love Invermere!

• Santé, Cheers to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his brilliant delivery of the keynote speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on 01/23/2018. Our PM called on the leadership of all governments and the world’s most progressive corporations to address the “rights, equality and power dynamics of gender”. PM Trudeau challenged everyone to “hire women and tackle sexual harassment”. In 1968, Pierre Elliott Trudeau successfully campaigned for the leadership of the Liberal Party by inspiring a generation to strive for a “Just Society”.

• CHEERS cheers cheers to Allium Restaurant located at Pynelogs – YOU’RE A JEWEL. Set in a Currier Ives print – majestic mountains, beautiful food, homemade pie, soups, varied menu. Excellent service. Temperature of the room cozy. Beautiful art on the walls.

• Cheers to all of the Great Peoplewho work at the Brisco General Store, notably the “Brisco Mayor“ Mariena, and all of her fantastic staff including Edana, Dawn, Claire and Joy, who make you feel like a part of the Family.

• Jeers to the C.V.P. FOR NOT BEING ONLINE ON TIME! It’s Sunday, and still can’t see the E-Edition.

• HUGE Cheers to Lusti at Panorama Mountain Resort for donating the annual ski rental to one of our Invermere Special Olympic Athletes for the alpine ski program! You, along with your entire staff, are so incredibly supportive of our program every year and our athletes just love to warm up every Sunday with a hot cup of cocoa after their practice on the hill. You guys rock!

• Jeers to the Pioneer Newspaper for their dismal coverage of this year’s Bonspiel on the Lake. This is a huge event for Invermere which has been running for 35 years involving 256 curlers in 64 teams. Very disappointing.

• A huge Cheers to the volunteers working on Frank’s Rink in Edgewater. Your hard work is appreciated. The rink is looking awesome!

• Big Cheers to Mark, Ralph, and the gentleman whose name I didn’t catch, for helping me off the ice when I slipped and hurt myself on Friday afternoon. I really appreciate you helping me pack up and get to my car safely, and Cheers Ralph for following me to the hospital to make sure I got there okay. I can’t say enough good things about you three, I so much appreciate you for your help!

• Cheers to the following businesses whose generosity contributed to the success of the Hard Times fundraiser: Horsethief Pub, Mountainside Market, No Frills and Invermere Bakery. Cheers also to Margaret Feldman for special pricing on beef.

• Cheers to all the volunteers, participants and sponsors who made this year’s Nipika Toby Creek Loppet weekend such a success. And double Cheers to Toby Creek Nordic for being such great partners in the event! Looking forward to next year!

• A BIG CHEERS to our bylaw enforcement offcer. His guiding flashlight aided many happy walkers through the parking area at the Snow ake Festival. Also Cheers for your presence at the school crosswalks in the morning.

• Cheers to Mani and Benny for making the olympic team . Congrats Granpa.

Cheers & Jeers January 25th

• Cheers to the sta at Fairmont Ski Hill for the excellent customer service, especially in the rental shop! We really enjoyed the Local’s Day, much appreciated!

•Cheers to Inside Edge for the wonderful service from Mandy and Jody!

•Cheers to the owners of Valley Foods Sydney-Anne, Eric, and Greg for being such great bosses. Because of you guys it is the best work place and you are appreciated for all that you do!

• Cheers to Don and his sta at Fairmont Pizza! Not only the best pizza in the valley but also the best staff; hats o to you.

• Cheers to Invermere Home Hardware, the Groundswell Network, Palliser Printing, Tipi Mountain Native Plants and Susan Clovechok for supporting the BC Plants native plant business – created and run by Valley elementary students! Funds from our Spring BC Plants sale are now in and we are ready to accept applications for our 3rd Building Beginnings Microloan of $1 000. We hope to support a Valley resident who could use some kickstart funds to realize a dream! Pick up your application form at Martin Morigeau Elementary School, or email for more information. Thank you to Valley residents who purchased our native plants last spring and contributed to this social enterprise!

• Cheers to Diamond Heating for their consistently exceptional service.

• Cheers to Dave Dupoint from Fairmont Hot Springs for his many anonymous gifts of service to our community. You Rock!

• Cheers to Al Miller for donating the Home Hardware crane truck to place the new cement tables and benches in Wilder Memorial Park in Fairmont. The Fairmont and District Lions Club is very appreciative!

• A huge Cheers to the 27 volunteers that showed up Sunday morning to help with preparing the ice for the 35th annual “Bonspiel on the Lake”.

• Cheers to those merchants who keep the pathway to their shop nice and clear of snow and ice. Much appreciated!

• Cheers to Tony at Stands Restaurant for the very nice glowing Christmas Tree.

• Cheers to our 99 year old friend, Ray Crook for writing such an interesting history of Crook’s Meadow which is located in Kootenay National Park. We enjoyed reading every page. Well done, Ray!

• Cheers to Pam at A&W who serves up breakfast and endless coffee with constant good cheer and always has time for a caring chat and a laugh with each and every regular and many visitors while being the hardest worker too. Ask Pam how she is doing today and she will tell you “awesome”. She is right!

• Cheers to Brian for doing a great job plowing the snow at Wilmer’s pump house.

• Cheers to Pete for opening up his shop and tool chest to me so I could work on my vehicle. It took way longer than expected (always does) and cut into your evening plans. You are a great friend.

• Cheers to the public employee who plowed snow into my driveway and backed up and cleaned it out. Much appreciated!

• A very loud JEERS to the area semi-truck drivers who deliberately choose to not follow the law and safe practice of stopping and conducting a mandatory brake check before descending down the mountain at Olive Lake. It wasn’t too long ago that an entire vacationing family was wiped out by an irresponsible trucker on that same stretch of road. During his criminal negligence trial, it was determined that he too failed to perform the required brake check. Is your legal, civil and moral reputation/ jeopardy worth the gain?

• Cheers to Kathy Broadfoot who is an employee of Warwick Interiors. You are the Best in the Valley, and have great knowledge of all your products. We bought our kitchen cupboards and are looking forward to our next investment, our flooring, soon. Keep up the great work. We appreciated all your help. You are valued, and we highly recommend you.

• Cheers to the District of Invermere Public Works Employees for taking time out of your day to show the Sonshine Preschoolers how all of your Snow Removal Equipment works. The hands on activity was amazing, your time and care for the kids shone through. So much appreciated!

• Cheers to Home Hardware for your community support and donation of Christmas trees. Our seniors and families enjoyed them greatly. Cheers for brightening our building and bringing Christmas joy to us all. Much appreciated!

• Cheers to Tim from Public Works for the AMAZING shelves that you built for the library and for taking such good care of our space! Much appreciated!

• Jeers to all the truck and sled drivers who are ignorant and think it’s ne to own the lake and wreck the Whiteway skating and Nordic tracks. People work hard to maintain it and people pay money to use it!

• A big Cheers to Anne Riches and her catering crew for preparing an awesome dinner for the Bonspiel on the Lake at the Community Hall without a working kitchen! You are amazing!

• Cheers to Cleanline Automotive for such caring and friendly service! Very much appreciated!

• Cheers to Eoghan and Tessa for donating books to the EMP Library! Much appreciated!

• Jeers to the driver of the delivery truck who pulled out in front of me at Lordco. I was going straight and you were at the stop sign. Then at the stop sign at Valley Foods you proceeded to follow the vehicle ahead of you. You still need to stop first. Obey road rules, more so when you advertise the name of the company on your vehicle.

Cheers & Jeers January 18th

• Cheers to Timmy, the cheerful lifty at Panorama, whose enthusiasm warms up even the coldest ride on the Mile One.

•A Big Cheers to Fusion Wellness Spa and all the girls who made my day at the Spa amazing and relaxing! You’re the best!

•Cheers to Mike Jensen for making a wonderful skating rink in Windermere for all to enjoy. His tireless efforts in the chilling weather is most appreciated.

• Cheers to all the people who stopped and asked if my husband was ok or needed any assistance when he hit black ice and his truck went o the road into the ditch. I am fortunate to live in an area surrounded by such caring and compassionate people. Much appreciated!

• Huge Cheers to Katie and the Gibbs family for the emergency use of their van. You saved our bacon! We greatly appreciate it and hope to pay it forward one day.

• Huge Cheers to Pat Hemmelgarn, Shawn Murray and helpers for another fabulous Wilmer fireworks show on Christmas Eve. Kudos also to all Wilmer residents for their unbelievable outdoor Christmas light displays, such great community spirit!

• Mega Jeers to District of Invermere for failing in the snow removal process, the tax money spent on new equipment for snow removal is a real joke. Go private! Save our tax dollars and get it done right.

• Cheers to Kevin and sta at DOI maintenance department for clearing the snow from the Thrift Store recycle trailer. Greatly appreciated!

• Jeers to the person who blocked who the road going from PineRidge to CastleRock. People use this road to cross country ski on and you know it is illegal to block off roads.

• Cheers to The Station Pub for hosting Rob’s fundraiser and a huge CHEERS to all the local businesses who contributed awesome prizes and auction items. It was a fun night for an amazing person! I have never met Rob but the love for him was so apparent.

• Cheers to the town for plowing 2 feet of snow off the roads to the curbs; to the town and townspeople for keeping the sidewalks and crosswalks clear to the curbs; for not wasting precious resources and tax payer money removing 2 feet of snow from the curbs; for keeping the main drags and side roads open and sanded; and for not increasing our taxes based on complaints.

• Huge Cheers to Mountainside Market, The Pioneer, and Pips Country Store for going out of their way to help with our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and AGM for Steamboat Mountain Music Society. We would also like to give big Cheers to the volunteers who stepped up and helped with the Food and Bar… JM, KW, DL, NM, LG, and Mama Lang. Also, a Cheers to all who helped clean up. Without volunteers, it couldn’t be done. Much appreciated!

• Big Cheers to Sophie’s Choice for always going out of her way to donate her precious goods. Pickle platters and beautiful gift baskets.

• A big Cheers to Lori at Sign Artists for her generous and beautiful donations to ICAN! Look for her amazing signs at,the hockey arena and at our next fundraiser.

• Jeers to everyone complaining about snow removal. To everyone who park in the way of snow removal crews. That’s double the work. To everyone who only think their parking spot or street counts. I beg you to do better, and do it all in one night!

• Cheers to Rod and Dee Conklin for all the kindness you have shown to us. Acquaintances there are many, casual friends there are many, but close friends – they are few. Your friendship is special to us.

Cheers & Jeers January 11th

• Cheers to Rainbow Restoration for delivering and setting up their beautiful, bright and festive Christmas display for our Christmas concert at Windermere Elementary. We appreciate you for being a great example of generosity and community spirit for all of our students and their families.

• Cheers to people who help me across the street, tell me jokes and just want to chat. It makes my day. Cheers to all the wonderful people in our Valley.

• Cheers to the valiant efforts of Natalie and Lily for climbing to the top of McIntosh Way in search of my lost cell phone! You two are my lucky charms and I couldn’t ask for better team mates! Sending much love and appreciation your way!

• Jeers to the lack of snow removal downtown! It would be nice if people could park downtown without stepping out into 2 feet of snow! Seriously!

• Cheers to Panache Interiors for having complete wheelchair access at the back parking lot and having ordered handrails out front three months ago.

• Cheers to the District of Invermere for clearing the snow and making it safe to get from the street to the sidewalk!!

• Jeers to the person who put in the Jeers about people who don’t like dogs. Some people have a good reason for not liking them. I for one was attacked years ago by a dog and have not liked them ever since. Dog owners need to control their dogs and clean up after them!

• Cheers to Chris and Anne-Marie at Fairmont Ski hill for being so accommodating to the birthday party on one of their busiest days of the year.

• A very BIG CHEERS to Staceym at Fusion Wellness Spa for the fantastic massage on my hips!! Stacey made my Christmas holiday so much better!! She’s amazing.

• Jeers to the district for not cleaning the roads at all in Athalmer. I am 11 years old and I know this is wrong so get it dealt with or someone will get in an accident.

• Cheers to all the TIOW participants who have continued with their exercise regimens long after they completed the program. Wishing you continued good health in 2018.

Cheers & Jeers January 4th

• Cheers to neighbours who help shovel/plow others driveways! Always so appreciated!

• Jeers to no Handicap access or handrails on the stairs to the Panache building.

• Cheers to Jimmy for saving me from the 2km+ hike into town after he saw me carrying over 35lbs of No Frills shopping in -19 degree weather on Boxing Day. You’re an absolute life saver mate, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

• Many Cheers to the young group of sledders who pulled us out of the ditch on the 24th, near the Radium mill! Much appreciated,…was so cold that day! Hope Santa treated you well.

• Jeers to dog owners. They need to have their dogs under control at all times on the lake, all winter long. I am both a dog owner and dog lover, and one of my dogs I can trust not to run into skaters/ skiers, but the other I can’t, so she stays at home or on a leash. Last week while enjoying a skate, a larger out of control dog came running at me, crashing into me and knocking me at. After a long and painful surgery, I have months of physio/rehab ahead of me, at my expense. People have a right to feel safe while enjoying the many winter activities our beautiful lake has to o er. Please control your dogs, it’s every dog owner’s responsibility.

• CHEERS to the wonderful volunteers at Frank’s Rink. You’ve created a legacy for the community to enjoy for years to come. Frank would be as proud of you as we are!

• Cheers to the orange bobcat that has been cleaning out my driveway on 13th Ave. Much appreciated!

• Jeers to certain Panorama dog owners who think it’s perfectly OK to leave their full crap bags on everyone else’s driveways…”leave no trace” and pack it back to your own garbage!

• Cheers to our neighbour for pulling me out of a snow bank on New Year’s Eve. I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name, but you have some cool dogs. Cheers!

• HUGE JEERS to the person I offered to drive to Cranbrook. You were a very inconsiderate passenger! Did you not notice that my car was new? Did you not notice the clean and spotless interior? Did you not notice the new car smell? I did not appreciate you opening a prior picked up food item containing sausage. You just opened it and started eating! You didn’t even ask if it was allowed; which it’s not, by the way! I have a strict rule of no eating in my car. It’s gross and makes it smell. JEERS to you for ruining me ever o ering anyone a ride ever again.

• Christmas Cheers to Olga Elenko for sharing your memories of childhood Christmases; especially the story about your school concert performance. Cheers to the talented newspaper sta for positioning Olga’s submission on the same page with photos of concerts in our local schools.

• Cheers to the fellow headed to Calgary on Highway 93 on the evening of Thursday the 21st who pulled us out of the ditch, wearing just a t-shirt in the cold weather when he hooked us up. And Cheers to the following two cars that stopped to make sure we were able to get out OK. Very much appreciated.

• Cheers to Dawn and Ivan Mackeys, Lambert Insurance and Napa Auto Parts for the generous ra e prize donations and game sponsorships for its December BINGO. Our community is better because of people like you! The Wilmer Community Club is grateful.

• Cheers to Mike Jensen who every year creates and maintains our skating rink! We arrive for the holiday season to a perfect rink for all to enjoy. Hope Santa remembered you!

• Jeers to the people out there that don’t like dogs. You have no idea how much better they are than people. Our condolences to you.

• Cheers to all the Christmas lights in Dry Gulch!

• Cheers to all local businesses closing early this holiday season. It is heartwarming to see our business leaders care for their employees by ensuring they have more time with their loved ones.

• A huge Cheers to XT Custom Tile for the amazing work, just in time for the holidays. Cory is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing tile work. We are thrilled with the results of our hearth … now to nd us a wood stove!

Cheers & Jeers December 28th

• Cheers to the Mackie family for the wonderful Christmas display. You have outdone yourself this year. Santa has a place in his heart for you.

• Cheers to all the sta at Eileen Madson School, for the most amazing Christmas Concert…… great to see all the children and families enjoying it so much.

• A great big Cheers to the Akisqnuk First Nations on the announcement of their new Sportsplex. I can’t wait to buy a membership.

• Jeers to no dogs in the offices. There goes our diversity in the workplace.

• Cheers to Dee Conklin at Palliser Printing for helping me out in a pinch!

• Cheers to Ashton and team at The Source, for an amazing deal, and even better customer service. Your help even made up for the 2+ hours I spend on hold with my (now) former phone provider.

• A HUGE CHEERS to ALL of the Volunteers in the Valley. AND I DO MEAN ALL!! There are so few volunteers in our small communities and we need to be grateful and take care for each and every one of them. You do not have to like them all but you need to be reminded that WE NEED THEM ALL. If someone is willing to give to the community some of their precious and valuable personal time on a project, a committee or even a few hours at a function, they need to be celebrated. Work together! You all have the same goals in mind – Bettering our community. If you want more people to volunteer, be mindful to treat your current volunteers well.

• CHEERS to the Cadets for doing a terri c job with tra c control at the Holiday Train. Their help guiding a record number of vehicles to convenient parking was much appreciated. And, their smiles and assistance showed real holiday spirit! Nice job!

• Cheers to Steve Holliday for his golden standard work ethic.

• A huge Cheers to the Edgewater Building Committee guys for all your hard work and dedication to Frank’s Rink! It’s amazing what you and the wonderful volunteers have accomplished in a short time! Can’t wait to skate on the amazing new rink! You are all very much appreciated!

• Cheers to the happiest, hippest, funniest and kindest check- out clerk at AG Valley Foods. Somedays I come in grumpy and frazzled and after leaving his check-out counter, I am happy and smiling…. every single time! There are many wonderful reasons to shop at AG Valley Foods but Billy is one of them! Cheers Billy, you make the world a better and happier place!

• Cheers to Michael Anderson for our amazing Christmas party! From all your sta at Bighorn Meadows!

• Cheers to Miko SR you’re an amazing snow ANGEL! You Rock!

• Cheers to the Pioneer staff and everyone who pitched in to give my three small children a great Christmas. God bless you and your families.

Cheers & Jeers December 14th

• Cheers to all the parents, Paul Carriere and Sgt. Vatamaniuck for volunteering their time to serve the Christmas lunch to the wonderful kids and teachers at J.A. Laird school.

• Overdue Cheers to Dave, Todd and Braeden for coming to my aid when I was in desperate need of help. You guys are the best of the best and a credit to our town.

• Jeers to people who have outdoor cats. It’s incredibly selfish and an ignorant thing to do to your neighbours. It’s bad enough they do their thing in our garden through the summer, but now we have one spraying at our front door. And MASSIVE Jeers to The District of Invermere for having no rules in place regarding this. A dog needs to have a license, be on a leash and picked up after. But a real nuisance cat is acceptable!?!? Licenses and Fines should apply to outdoor cats every bit as much as with K9s.

• JEERS to whiny children that scream, cry, throw tantrums and run around out of control in stores. Jeers to parents that allow their children to run and wander off! Jeers to the parents that cannot teach their children how to act appropriately in public places. THIS is disruptive to shoppers.

• A great big CHEERS to the Windermere Rod and Gun Club for setting up and running the range, the kitchen volunteers at the Invermere Legion for providing lunch, the Cadets for helping to set up the hall, helping with the range and cleaning up, the volunteers running the registration desk and all the participants that helped make this year’s Turkey Shoot a big success. The Air Ri e Ra e was won by Jerry Meadows, the Turkey Draw by Audrey Mantyka, and 11 participants in Junior, Teen, Men, Ladies and Seniors categories took home a turkey or cash for winning their ight of ten shooters.

• A huge Cheers to Valley Foods for donating all the food for the J.A. Laird Christmas lunch and to Eric and Greg for helping serve it as well! And a huge Cheers to Anna and Randy Steedman for cooking an amazing turkey lunch with all the trimmings. All done on their own time too!

• Cheers to Greg at the Radium Post O ce for the amazing customer service. It’s always a pleasure going in especially during the busy Christmas season! Cheers for all your hard work this time of year!

• Jeers to dog owners with whining dogs in stores? Really?

• Cheers to Gerry Gelati for the tasty Christmas treat.

• A great big CHEERS to the Christmas Bureau for saving our Christmas. My wife took o with all our three kids clothing and belongings and drained our bank account. Ti any, JJ and Selena are much appreciative of the help from the Christmas Bureau.

• Jeers to the local celebrations and events that play the music and PA systems at outdoor volume levels even though the event is indoors. It’s been so annoyingly loud that we can’t even talk to a friend without screaming at them or going outside. We’re not all deaf yet and we’d like to keep it that way!! Please, please turn down the volume in the future!

• Cheers to the Invermere Rotary Club for sponsoring and hosting the Seniors Christmas dinner at the Black Forest Restaurant. The food presentation and service were excellent. It was a very enjoyable event.

• Cheers to beautiful snow!

• Cheers to our Lambert Pharmacy Secret Santa Lionel Graveline for all his HoHoHo and Cheers to those who made food donations for the food bank. Much appreciated!

Cheers & Jeers

• Cheers to the man who paid for my groceries when my card was declined! Good karma is surely headed your way!

• Jeers to the Go Fund Me vacation goers. You should be ashamed and embarrassed of your selves.

• Cheers to all the amazing sta at the Black Forest Restaurant. You went above and beyond for our thrift store volunteer Christmas dinner.

• Jeers to no dogs at work anymore. Especially at a time when payment and bene ts are not being delivered and we are being asked to be patient and understanding, a little joy in the o ce went a long way. Jeers. Jeers I say.

• Cheers to the Broadfoot family, sta and families of Sonshine Children’s Centre for your e orts to make the bake table at the craft fair a success. It certainly was because of all the yummy baking and Sarah’s talent to make it all look so stunning. Well done!

• An overdue Cheers to Corey, the welder. You only charged me for the cost of the steel on a welding job you couldn’t totally complete. You are an ethical businessman!

• Cheers to Phillip Ruault for donating your 50/50 winnings back to the Atom Rockies. You Rock!!!

• Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Durning! Despite being super sick, he still delivered and unloaded a HUGE load of beautiful rewood. Much appreciated! It’s our rst winter using wood heat and we are thrilled!

• Cheers to Mother Nature, for her spectacular ice making on the lake. Black ice skating anywhere you want to go has been fantastic this past week. Here’s hoping the human caretakers of the Whiteway can measure up when they get their chance to take over.

• HUGE CHEERS to our neighbour Jazz. He didn’t want me climbing a ladder with my bad back and knees, so he o ered to put up our Christmas lights! They look so amazing. We love living in such a wonderful little town with friendly neighbours.

• Truckloads of Jeers to the trail quarrelers. If I were a landowner I’d ask for restitution of my piece of land donated to the Legacy Trail. What kind of legacy is this? Intolerance, sel shness?

• Huge Cheers to the Rotarians for the great Christmas party at the Black Forest. Also to K. and A. for all their time spent on this event.

• Cheers to The Rockies that came out and did all the 50/50 for the Atoms Tournament on Saturday. You are an amazing group of young men.

Cheers & Jeers December 7th

• Cheers to Seona and Lewis at Max Helmer Construction for all their help with Pat Hemmelgarn.

• Cheers to Shannon Root and her team for providing an amazing variety of vendors at her Winter Wonderland.

• Cheers to Justin on the fabulous salmon you provided at the Horsethief Pub.

• Cheers to Coach Karen and instructors for the hard work you invest in the swim club! Well done!

• Cheers to Taylor at the Valley Fitness Centre for her lovely spirit and the dedication she shows to the Centre!

• Huge Cheers to Mark Halwa, Ralph Stewart and their crews and the land donors for bringing us the Westside Legacy Trail. What an outstanding new amenity for our community! A special extra big Cheers to Bob Shaughnessy for having the vision and the tenacity to see it through. We need a lot more of that “CAN DO” spirit around here!

• Cheers to Jaden Sterling for the fabulous courses and work he creates! Your helping others to lift themselves up is greatly appreciated!

• Jeers to all the stores in Invermere that do not carry a wheelchair for the handicapped for customers to use while in the store.

• Jeers to the person/people that are leaving their dog crap all along the roads down to the lake, at Kinsmen and Dorothy Lake and all around the CPR lodge! Pick it up already! This Jeers is a waste of time I’m sure!

• Cheers to Meesh who is such an inspiration to the dance world of our valley, compassionate, kind, enthusiastic, fun and an all-around great instructor. YOU ROCK!!

• JEERS to the person in Chabot Park for not picking up after your dog. Just because the gate is closed does not mean the park is your dog’s toilet. Shameful. Lots of people are still using the park and seeing the dog feces all over. It is disgusting and completely preventable. You, and others like you, are the reason authorities put up No Dogs Allowed signs. Instead, signs should read “No Irresponsible, Inconsiderate Humans Allowed.” And it’s a reason why the new Legacy Trail is o limits to dogs.

• Cheers to a real Christmas tree. Real trees make it smell like Christmas.

Cheers to Laura, Doug, Irena, Marilyn, Marion and sta at Lambert-Kipp Pharmacy. You always go above and beyond the call of duty. Kind, ALWAYS happy and so helpful! You guys are the best!

• Cheers to Fraser Smith of Invermere Custom Woodwork. Our Dining room table is beautiful! A real showstopper piece!

• Big holiday Cheers to Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. What a magical Christmas land you have created. All locals and visitors- do make this your new or renewed tradition, to walk about, have a soak, have a drink or tea. And it’s accessible!

• Cheers to the amazing sta at Fusion, particularly Corri, Caitlin and Kristin for ensuring I had the best experience ever. You guys are fabulous!

• Cheers to Richelle and the whole marketing team at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. Your hard work and e orts have been noticed by many this season. Cheers for including locals and guests alike in your events, they keep getting bigger and better!

• Jeers to the whining dog owners. I absolutely support the landowners request for a NO DOGS rule. Where did you walk your dogs before?

• Cheers to the person who rescued my extension cord that was plugged into my car. Jeers to me for not unplugging my car before leaving.

• Cheers to those who respect the sanctity of life, and live life to the end that was intended with dignity and grace.

Cheers & Jeers November 30th

• Cheers to Wildsight for all drinks on tap and no plastic cups at the lm fest! They’re really walking the talk!

• CHEERS – THREE OF THEM! – to the wonderful contractors and volunteers who have worked long and hard on the upgrade to Edgewater’s Frank’s Rink and the construction of a Recreation Service Building. Your ongoing efforts will be enjoyed by the entire community and beyond.

• A well-deserved Cheers to the Parks Canada Radium Pools staff, both at the front counter and behind the scenes. The work that is ongoing there is long overdue, and many staff members there have had to deal with very ignorant or down-right rude individuals who maybe aren’t aware of the planning it takes to renovate the facility. Keep up the amazing work, we look forward to seeing the finished product!

• A big Cheers to Noelene and Graeme Anderson for welcoming the Special O Club Fit athletes to a Rockies Game on Nov 18th. Everyone had a wonderful time, you made them all feel special.

• Cheers to all of the people who bought 50/50 tickets in support of the Columbia Valley Skating Club at the Winter WonderLand market this past weekend. The generosity of our community is overwhelming and it shows how much people care about supporting our community non- pro t sport organizations.

• Cheers to Nicole Trigg for buying my brother and I drinks when his card didn’t work. You’re the best, seriously!

• Jeers to the woman in the blue suburban who flipped me the bird at the Sobeys lights. I suggest you review your driver’s manual because YOU cut ME o when you turned left in front of me. Right of way goes to the driver going straight.

• Cheers to the man and women who are continuously making baby blankets and hats that will travel with student midwives to Nepal and Uganda. To the newcomer to the project who recently dropped o crocheted blankets to Columbia Garden Village, please give your name to Doris so we can let you know how appreciative we are properly.

• Jeers to the couple who had taken their small barking dog into Marks Work Warehouse on Saturday. The barking was quite disruptive to other shoppers.

• Cheers to the generous donors of land for the Westside Legacy Trail. Let us all celebrate this amazing addition to our valley!

• Cheers to Kyra. The babes, mommas and papas in this valley are lucky to have you. You ROCK!

• A huge Cheers to the volunteers working so hard at the Edgewater skating rink. I went by in the dark the other night and they were still working hard at it. Your dedication and hard work is definitely appreciated by all.

• Cheers to Eric McLauchlin for helping out the Health Unit staff with a tricky challenge. It’s appreciated!

Cheers & Jeers November 23rd

• Cheers to Martin Caldwell for all CHEERS to Mitch and Kerry Jopp you’ve done for this community. We miss you.

•Cheers to Mitch and Kerry Jopp for letting VFC borrow your traile to use in the Santa Claus parade! Much appreciated!

•Cheers to Steve Fehr for once again coming to our rescue when a local contractor let us down. Steve, you are probably the busiest man in the Valley but you are never too busy to help us. You deserve a gold medal for all your kindness to us.

•Cheers to the RCMP for the prompt response to the alarm at our retail store Friday night. Love this small town!

•Jeers to the local contractor who did not fix our leaky roof after waiting 3 months for you to come to our house and do the repair.

•Cheers to Mr. Mac for donating your 50/50 winnings back to the female girl’s hockey team that you won at our game last weekend. Much appreciated! Our next win is for you!

• Cheers to Eric and Shelly at Valley Foods for going above and beyond.

• Cheers to Vi Whitman and her capable team of volunteers who served the most delicious roast beef dinner with all the trimmings following the Edgewater Legion Service at the Edgewater Cenotaph. Vi you are a wonderful asset to the community.

• Jeers to the “No Dog” trail. Tell me you’re kidding!

• Cheers to Toril Wilder, the Phantom Plough person who has been anonymously clearing snow and ice from the Fairmont Community footpath. Cheers Toril. We all appreciate your random acts of kindness!

• CHEERS to all that stopped to assist me but mostly the gentleman that stopped, near Brisco, to help me after I hit a deer on Remembrance Day. He went above and beyond by pulling the deer o the highway and helping me pick up debris on the road. I truly appreciated his act of kindness.

• CHEERS to Sandra and Brandon at OK Tire for your incredible kindness towards me and my tires when I had a family emergency and had to get to Calgary. You made the scary trip just a little less scary with your prompt attention. Much appreciated!!

•Cheers to Karen Hatalcik Arif. Yourkindwordsreallymademy day and warmed my heart.

• Cheers to a nice, friendly gentleman by the name of Ernie who carried a large mirror into La Petite Spa for us on Saturday, November 11th. Cheers for being so kind. There should be more people in the world like you. Much appreciated!

• Cheers to Barbie Vinson at Selkirk Cellular. You are an amazing person, so caring and helpful. You have saved us when we don’t understand our phones and helped us when we have abused our phones! You take the worry of not understanding all the technology and make us feel special when we leave your store… we appreciate all you do in our community, you truly are a special person.

• Cheers to the awesome gal at the Red Apple who helped me out when I was short on cash to pay for my purchases! Cheers also to the cashier at Red Apple for also chipping in! I have always had a “pay it forward” attitude and it was great to be the recipient this time around! Have to love the small town we live in!

• JEERS to the banning dogs on the Legacy Trail!! This is a great trail that is super long and would be a great trail to be out on with our canine friends. Some of us walk, run, and bike alone and like to have our dog with us. If they are on a leash then it is not a problem for anyone else. The majority of dog owners DO pick up after dogs and shouldn’t be punished for the odd one who doesn’t! If I had known that they would ban dogs I wouldn’t have donated.

• Climate change and evolution are scientific facts! Cheers to our Governor General for calling out the naysayers.

• Jeers to the lack of parking at the new Columbia Valley Centre. Whoever designed the parking area did not think of big functions because there is nowhere to park. There is a lot of space wasted with big rocks, bushes and grass. Also they should have lled in the big hole and extended the parking area.

• Cheers to A&W for their support of the Windermere Sac Race. Greatly appreciated.

• JEERS to the mean father in the camo sweater at the hockey arena on Saturday November 18th. After your son nished his Bantam hockey game you yelled at him for not playing good enough. You should be ashamed of yourself. Everyone in the arena heard you. Next time I will report you to the board. It’s just a GAME!

• Huge Cheers to Chester Allen for making an absolutely gorgeous coat rack for the new location of La Petite Spa Boutique. It looks fantastic! Cheers to Pat Allen for being our fairy godmother!

• Jeer to the person that wrote a Jeers to the trades people in the valley. Do you realize that the trades people also have families and their weekends may be spent spending time with their kids who are home on weekends. They are busy enough during the week, why should they have to work weekends to accommodate you? How about YOU taking a day o and being out during the week to get your services done instead of slandering with insulting threats of not “buying local”. I too am a past Calgarian who have seen the trades go out of their way to get things done! Cheers to all of the trades in the Valley! Most of us appreciate you!

• Cheers to the fabulous light up events, great to see the Christmas spirit!

• Cheers to the wonderful person who found my abandoned purse at Sobeys around 1 p.m. on Thursday Nov. 16th and turned it in. Talk about saving my kiester sparing me a whole lot of heartache and trouble. I am most grateful to you!

Cheers & Jeers November 16th

• Cheers to the staff at Columbia House for your wonderful care of my mother for the past 10 months. My father and I will be forever grateful that she was so well looked after for the last months of her life. The kindness and compassion that was shared with us was incredible; people like you make the world a better place!

• A huge Cheers to Greg DuBois, the best neighbor in the Columbia Valley. Cheers for all your help over the years with snow plowing and tree removal. We are very lucky to have you in our little neighborhood!

• Cheers to Shawna and Sonia for running aqua t classes again! Cheers to Parks Canada for use of the Radium pools for this popular local program.

•Jeers to the Black SUV who hit my silver Honda Civic, then took o drunk from the Horsethief Pub after the Burlesque show and left a giant dent in my driver’s side door! Jeers you Jeerhole!

• A huge Cheers to Amber and Heather at KSCU. Their help with an international wire transfer was awesome; not only did their job but went above and beyond for me. Cheers ladies for the great service. I’ve dealt with KSCU for many years and the service has always been excellent.

• A big Cheers to Barb at Selkirk Cellulars for her great knowledge of all the Telus plans and phones. She is a truly valuable employee.

• Cheers to Barb Vinson at Selkirk Cellulars. For all her help and knowledge on Telus, so grateful to have a Telus rep that truly cares about her customers.

• Jeers to the woman at the tness class at Valley Fitness last Tuesday who had to interrupt her workout to cough and blow. Obviously sick, she exposed others to her malady despite her e orts with a tissue.

• Cheers to the Westside Trail administration, who have wisely banned dogs. So many owners think they are alone out there and let their pet o leash, causing a potential hazard. On local trails, we have been charged by territorial dogs who rush at us, barking and with hackles raised. We look forward to walking and biking on the Westside Trail without worrying about what’s coming at us around the bend.

• Cheers to the Phantom Plough person who keeps clearing the snow from our new footpath in Fairmont Hot Springs. You are doing a great job and on behalf of the Fairmont Community Association we wish to show our appreciation. You are making our community safe and walkable this winter.

• A big Jeers to the trades people in the valley. You set your hours to be Monday to Friday; no weekend work. I will now hire trades people from Calgary; pay them travel time; pay their accommodations; and pay for their services. I will do all of this just to ensure that not one more red cent of my income makes it way into your pockets. I am so done with “buy local”.

• Cheers to the Oberti bunch for hanging in there.

Cheers and Jeers November 9th

• A huge Cheers to the young lady who found my wallet on Sunday and returned it to No Frills! Much appreciated!

•Jeers to your new e-addition format. Not even worth trying to nd local news. Very confusing. Liked the old way. Guess I’m just a dinosaur.

•Cheers, Cheers and Cheers to Valley Foods for your excellent service to this community!

•A BIG FAT JEERS to the ridiculous gas prices! Going up over twenty cents in a week?! Highway robbery… literally!

•Cheers to all the kind people of Invermere. I’ve only been in town for a couple of weeks, but am struck by how welcoming everyone is, from the woman who invited me out with her friends after yoga to the strangers who o ered to help me with a heavy load. Much appreciated for making me feel so welcome here!

•Cheers to our school bus drivers who showed up at 4:30 a.m., in all that snow, to try and get our students to WE DAY in Calgary. We stayed safe and didn’t go, but your dedication to our students is amazing!

•CHEERS from the ladies of Edgewater Radium Health Care Aux. to all who supported our ra e. Special CHEERS to winners Robin Torma and to Klara Trescher for her generous donation. Your support enables our good works.

•Cheers to local court cases and the documents that are available to the public. Makes for great reading! Salaries, business ethics and much more.

•Cheers to Josie and Leigha of La Petite Spa for the super manicure and pedicure you gave me. You are both very friendly and excellent at your job. Your new location in Invermere will make you more successful. Keep up the good work.

•Big Cheers to Nanci for being an awesome bus driver and getting us to our Cranbrook tournament safely.

•A huge Cheers to Karen, Renee, Vanya, Stephanie, Jean Luc, Allison, Ted and all the other parent volunteers for an amazing Nordic Halloween Camp. A huge amount of e ort that is much appreciated.

•Cheers to the team at the Interior Health Unit, Bird’s Eye Boutique and Candyland for contributing to our Harry Potter theme and adding some magic to Halloween Muggle Fun.

Cheers and Jeers November 2nd edition

• Cheers to Nicole at Soul Strength for being a pet friendly awesome human being. May you set an example for all the other landlords to spread the love….

• Cheers to Horsethief Creek Pub and Eatery! You got my vote FOR BEST POUTINE hands down at the Poutine Palooza! It was the last one I tried and I simply devoured it! Great work Cortney for organizing the event and all the restaurants and other town staff/volunteers whom helped make the event a ton of fun!

• HUGE CHEERS to NO FRILLS, SOBEYS, and SUE MILLER for their generous donations to All Saints Church Guild. And CHEERS also to everyone who donated apples, and purchased our pies, so we could once again have a successful fundraiser. Hope everyone enjoyed the pies.

• Cheers to the awesome folks that decided to fill in the ditch next to the road up to Panorama. My windshield was feeling far too fancy without any cracks in it, and my car tires definitely need the practice driving over rocks every day for when I move to a gravel pit.

• Jeers to me for donating to a trail system that is banning dogs. Extra Jeers to the crummy dog owners who ruin it for the rest of us.

• Cheers to WS Legacy Trail planners for disallowing dogs and horses on the trail. While multi-use suggests all are welcome, it’s just not safe to share a narrow pathway with unpredictable furry friends. We have acres and acres and acres of beautiful, natural pathways to share with our dogs and horses. I hope there is never an altercation between four-legged and wheeled users on this beautiful resource for the valley.

• Cheers to Mr. Al Miller for always having a good ol’ grin on your face, and a wonderfully positive attitude. You make us all smile, and I just want you to know that. Keep up the hard work, you’re great.

• CHEERS to Lost Bell Singers for the wonderful presentation at Edgewater Radium Auxiliary Halloween Tea – very entertaining – enjoyed by all who supported us by attending. Who can forget the chicken song? Cheers to one and all and cock-a-doodle-do!

• Big Cheers to Scott from Invermere Electric. Such a kind guy, on and off the ice!

• Cheers to the Hydro heroes who rescued the seagull hanging from a wire by a fish hook. Jonathon still living seagull.

• Cheers to the health fair with information and healthy snacks of raw veggies and fruit. But Jeers to the free candies, miniature chocolate bars and raffle items with sugar and caffeine, not healthy.

Chers & Jeers of the Week

Jeers to the condition of the Wilmer Westside Road. There are so many potholes and it really needs to be graded.

Classy Cheers to the town and the Legion for putting banners with pictures on the lamp posts honoring the war veterans of past wars. If not for those brave souls ………..

Jeers to all the landlords who are non-pet friendly and way too overpriced…. this is not Whistler.

Cheers to James and everyone at Walker’s Repair Service! Always makes time to help us out – grateful to have such an honest and helpful auto repair service.

Cheers to Jamie at All Dolled Up for the best pedicure and nail art design I ever had all over the world.

Cheers to Jose at the Petit Spa for the best eyelash tint ever.

Cheers to the gentleman who, on Friday afternoon, got out of his truck and tapped on my window to let me know that I was about to lose a wheel on my own truck. There is little doubt in my mind that your act of concern and kindness may have very well saved a life or even lives. I owe you a debt of gratitude and I hope that I get to meet you again to show you my appreciation and shake your hand. With the most sincere appreciation!

Cheers to Copper Point Resort for allowing our kids to do their swim lessons in your outdoor pool. Fantastic community spirit!

Cheers to Miss Garvie, we love your dedication, fun spirit and connection to our kids!

Cheers, Cheers and more Cheers to Jane at Lambert Insurance for always going above and beyond. You are truly an amazing person who lives and breathes customer service. YOU ROCK!

Cheers to the friendly staff at the Pioneer Newspaper!

Cheers to Nicole at Strands Restaurant for all the friendly and exceptional service.

Cheers to Dr. Pat O’Sullivan and Dr. Toni Bartoletti and all the friendly staff. My new dental bridge works well.

Cheers and Jeers October 19th

Cheers to the fall weather. You’re so cool!

Cheers to a couple of local businesses and people who provided exceptional customer service to me last week: Courtney at Lordco and Mike at OK Tire. Your service was outstanding and would never be experienced in a city. Much appreciated!

Huge Cheers to Justin and his incredible crew at Rocky River Grill for their sponsorship of Feed the Valley on October 9th in aid of the Columbia Valley Food Bank. It’s community minded citizens like that who make it possible for the Food Bank to be supportive of people in our valley. And Cheers to the many in our communities that showed up and supported this event.

Jeers to whomever is in charge of putting up and taking down the campfire ban and area restriction signs. Both are over, the signs should be removed by now.

Cheers to Jaye at Selkirk Cellular, the Telus Store, for helping two seniors set up their new I-Phones. You are a thorough and patient teacher. Your technical expertise was impressive.

Cheers! I have been to some great restaurants, but my recent experiences at the Hoodoo Bar and Grill blows all other experiences away. From the magnificent artistry of Pat Morris, Donovan Sawatzky and Cody Lang to the warm welcoming nature of the servers Natasha, Sonja and Cory. Very impressive! It is this type of product and service that encourages our visiting supporters to return….5 STAR RATING.

Major Jeers to the lowlifes who slashed all four tires and broke three windows on a car parked at Whiteswan natural pools. Obviously, you have a complete lack of brains to realize how much inconvenience you caused to three innocent people.

Cheers to the Pioneer for reporting about the Snake, he deserved what he got and hasn’t fooled everyone, especially the CRA!

Huge Cheers to Ms. Meehan for a brave no-brainer letter. I’ve written a couple letters and paid the price of voicing my opinion locally.

CHEERS to Elinore Florence and Dee Conklin for the lovely “Lest we Forget” posters that grace the main street of Invermere. What a great tribute to the local veterans. Well done ladies.

Jeers to the nonexistent concession at the arena. So many hungry people. We miss you Peter. You never missed a game and had the best fries EVER!

Jeers, Jeers, Jeers! Unbelievable!! The local sani dump has been permanently closed, really? Any suggestions as to what us campers, and tourists, should do with our trailer/camper sewer tanks?

Cheers to all the residents of Windermere who will go out and vote on the two Water issues presented before us. There is so very much to lose if residents are apathetic and the final outcome is taken totally out of our control. Cheers to Wendy Booth and the RDEK who has presented us the opportunity for the entire east side to speak as one voice with the second petition.

Cheers to the Columbia Valley Search and Rescue for the part they played in the search for Dorian Sawatzky. The valley is lucky to have a group of highly skilled volunteers working collaboratively with the RCMP and other emergency services.

A huge Cheers to all the neighbors who helped search for the missing little boy on Thanksgiving weekend, especially the ones who found him and placed a sweater on him to keep him warm. Cheers to the two RCMP officers who helped facilitate his return safely.

Cheers to the people who followed the rules of the new Westside Legacy Trail and left their dogs at home on the weekend! Others did not, and dogs were pooping everywhere- even in the middle of the pristine, new blacktop. How to show our appreciation to all the people who’ve made a tremendous effort to bring us this wonderful community amenity. Cheers to the people who showed respect for others.

Cheers & Jeers October 12th

Jeers to the women in the black car who wasn’t looking both ways and almost hit me in my car. I may be an N driver, but I could tell you weren’t paying attention to your surroundings. Please try to focus on all your surroundings before you hurt yourself or someone else.

The biggest Cheers to the Edgewater Recreation Society on the new rink project. They have done an amazing job. The countless hours they’ve put in to make it successful and always keeping everyone informed on ideas and progress. It’s looking awesome!

Cheers to Cortney and the DOI for a great Oktoberfest event. Double Cheers for partnering with Sonshine Children’s Centre and Windermere Valley Childcare Society for the fundraising opportunity. It was a fun event.

Cheers to all the Lake Windermere fall shoreline cleanup volunteers who turned out to help keep our beaches clean last weekend. Together we removed over 30 lbs of trash, 450+ small bits of plastic, and 500+ cigarette butts from the shore! Another Cheers is earned by those who dispose of their cigarette butts in a proper waste disposal, instead of leaving them behind on our public beaches.

Cheers to the thoughtful person who found and returned my lost wallet. There was no name or number to be reached but I am appreciative for you going out of your way to drop it off at my house. Cheers you know who you are.

Jeers to the person who helped themselves to the tree I spent my lunch hour cutting up Friday Sept. 29th on Toby Hill at the highway gravel pit. You must really feel like a man taking a load of wood home you didn’t even cut. Or providing your family with the wood you stole.

Cheers to all the staff of McNeil Mowing and Irrigation for the good service for the season.

Cheers to the kind hearts at Invermere Veterinary Hospital for their care and gentle touch as we helped guide my constant companion of the last 18 years over the rainbow bridge.

A big belated Cheers to the Summit Trail Makers for all their work and particularly for the Hell Roaring Creek Bridge.

Three loud Cheers to the Windermere Elementary School PAC for organizing such a wonderful Carnival for all of the families in the valley to enjoy! Your hard work and dedication to this event is highly appreciated by all of the staff at WES.

Cheers to all the hardworking and dedicated Volunteers at the Invermere Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store. Much appreciated.

Jeers to the new online format of the Pioneer. It is hard to scroll and read. Shame on the big corporate people who wreck small newspapers. Good thing the paper version is still O.K.

Jeers to anyone who steals the DVD movies from the cases at the Thrift Store. They are only a Dollar. When you steal from the Thrift Store you are stealing money that these Hardworking Volunteers donate to our Hospital and Community programs!

A huge shout out Cheers to the Copper Point Wednesday Golf Group for your extremely generous donation to the Hospice Society of the Columbia Valley again this year. To be chosen by your group is an honor and we are very appreciative of the support.

Huge Cheers to Dylan Agnew for helping me out! Much appreciated, YOU ROCK!

Cheers to No Frills and the Thrift Store. Us retired elders scraping by on fixed pensions and people having hard times monetarily can now afford to eat and clothe themselves. Much appreciated, God bless you!

Cheers to the ladies of the front office of The Pioneer Newspaper. YOU GO GIRLS!