By Breanne Massey
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

With a push for shoppers to support small businesses this winter, the Ktunaxa Nation Council (KNC) is eager to announce that Skinku¢ Treasures will be selling culturally distinctive gifts nearby.

On Saturday, Nov. 7, Skinku¢ Treasures opened the doors to their Tamarack Centre location in Cranbrook to sell books, jewelry, purses, moccasins, giftware and beading supplies.

“Skinku¢ is Ktunaxa for ‘coyote,’” said Jared Teneese, Skinku¢ Treasures spokesperson in a recent press release, noting more stock arrives each day.

“Skinku¢ is an important figure for us, and a fitting character for gifts to surprise and delight family and friends.”

The decision to relocate from St. Eugene Golf Course Casino and the KNC Government Building at the Central School in Cranbrook came after the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic shuttered both locations temporarily.

“We have all these wonderful suppliers, including Ktunaxa and other Indigenous artisans. Their work is beautiful and well-crafted. And all of a sudden, we didn’t have a way to feature their goods in a retail space,” said Teneese. “So we made the decision to open up a location in the Tamarack Centre, where we are following strict COVID-19 protocols.”

Profits from the shop are expected to support language revitalization efforts at the KNC through its traditional knowledge and language sector.

“The silver lining is we will soon have even more Ktunaxa-made products than ever before, as well as lots of authentic items from other Indigenous artisans and companies,” said Teneese.

The KNC encourages all nations to drop-in to Skinku¢ Treasures when visiting the Tamarack Centre this winter.

Teneese and his sales team are available to help you shop safely and to answer any questions shoppers may have for the community.