Dear Editor:

I would just like to commend you on your story in the July 8th edition of The Pioneer about Peggie, Carole and Patricia, the long-lost sisters who reunited.

It is nice to see a happy ending after so many years of not knowing.

I am particularly happy because Patricia is my mother, and for as long as I can remember she felt there was more to her being than what she had. It was an odd feeling of emptiness not knowing what to do and who to speak to in regards to her adoption. After some years, I think she just gave up and excepted she would never know the truth.

Until one day last September when she heard from the agency that Auntie Peggie had enlisted to find her sisters. Since then its been full-on excitement and now I want to meet my new family in Canada, as I dont think that Auntie Peggie is well enough to make the trip to Australia.

So again I would like to thank you for the story. It was very heartwarming and done with such compassion. I cant wait to come and visit your country, when I get the money together.

Jacquie Pennycuick, Australia