Dear Editor:

The May 26th to 28th weekend was a busy one for Invermere youth. It started on Thursday with a Silver Strings concert, the United Dance year end show on Friday evening, the Clash of Titans soccer tournament all weekend, the Glacier Peaks gymnastics team was away for a competition and the weekend was capped off with a Music for Young Children piano recital. I am sure I missed a few events in there. It was a fantastic weekend to see our kids in action.

As I observed parents ferry kids around to these events, sitting in the crowd and standing by the sidelines, I was struck by two things.

One, there are a phenomenal number of opportunities available to children in this small town. Kids can participate in dance, Judo, gymnastics, downhill skiing, soccer, piano, art, ukulele, swimming, cross country skiing, biking and more. This is because there are passionate people in the community who create these opportunities for kids.

Two, none of this would happen without parent and volunteer support. From taking up, to taking down, coaching, making muffins, officiating games/meets, braiding hair and providing moral support volunteers are the support network who makes it happen. And it is not just this weekend, it is all year long.

So thank you to the committed coaches/leaders of these activities and thank you to the volunteers who provide essential support behind the scenes. It is activities like these that make this a vibrant community where people want to live. We are fortunate to live in a wonderful town full of amazing people.

Hillary Page