Classic Dan

Classic Dan

Ive been taken aboard another Black Press publication, and its in the Okanagan, so this is my last article for the Invermere newspapers.

Its going to be hard to forget that these past two years ever happened.

The local geography really hardened me. Before moving here, ski hills that required three chair lifts to reach the top was just an urban legend, and I had no idea how rugged my little car could be before taking it up the deadly roads that lead to some of the best trail heads. Very few landscapes offer the cliff jumping, downhill biking and rock climbing that the Columbia Valley has. Being surrounded by it all really enticed me to progress as a photographer (disclosure: some of my pictures will be exhibited at Pynelogs between July 7th and 19th).

And while its easy to agree over how great the local nature is, not everybody sees eye to eye when it comes to public policy. But its been a lot of fun taking in the array of viewpoints. While certain issues in the valley can seem divisive, common ground is always growing. For example, as the ideologies of Doug Clovechok and Norm Macdonald continue to synchronize, the two will eventually amalgamate into Dorm. And its no stretch to say that the Taft Dynasty may soon begin to crumble, as Japhy Hunt will be old enough to run against Gerry in the next municipal election.

Politics aside, it was especially exciting to be a part of the newspaper for big events like when the world record was broken for the Lake Windermere Whiteway, and TSN broadcast live from Kinsmen Beach.

Since this is my final piece of writing for The Pioneer, I would like to step away from objectivity and weigh in on the valleys most controversial issue: Staff Sgt. Marko Shehovac. I believe hes the glue that holds it all together. The Canadian Criminal Code should be rewritten to reflect his proactive approach towards community policing. I can honestly say the Columbia Valley RCMP have been the most pleasant authority in any of the communities in which Ive lived.

Well, by now Im pounding away on a new typewriter. But Id never have been able to take this career step before my growth at The Valley Echo and Pioneer, so Id like to extend a thank you to all readers for your patience with me while I learned how to write more good.