By Haley Grinder
Special to the Pioneer

The Cabin Cannabis is the most recent cannabis shop to be welcomed with open arms to the Columbia valley. The shop opened its doors on April 23. Located along highway 91 and attached to Fairmont Mountainside Market, it prides itself on being the first of its kind to join the area.

Chris Jaunzemis and Lee Klas, co-owners of The Cabin Cannabis, saw an opportunity to fill a void in Fairmont Hot Springs. With no other cannabis store in town, they wanted to bring their service closer to its residents. It is a convenient location for tourists as well, who can easily spot their shop from the highway.

Jaunzemis and Klas say that much of their current business comes from the Canal Flats area, as cannabis enthusiasts used to be forced to drive to either Cranbrook or Invermere.

“We do believe that cannabis is beneficial for a lot of different reasons,” says Jaunzemis. 

Renovated by Klas and Jaunzemis themselves, they focused on maintaining “a homey, cabin feel when you walk in.” The Cabin boasts long wooden tables with tree trunks as their base, rustic cabinets, and assorted plants, giving it a relaxed, vacation-like vibe. With walls lined with multicoloured wooden planks, the shop even comes complete with an authentic wood stove tucked in the back corner, used to display products.

“We have a variety of products that will suit every different type of person,” said Klas and Jaunzemis. “And whether you’re someone that enjoys using cannabis recreationally or whether you would like it for something else, there really are products for everyone here.”

They also pride themselves on showcasing local artists, such as D.Hoffgaard Photography, who does wildlife and landscape photography, feeding into the overall cabin feel of the store.

Although all cannabis must be ordered through the government-regulated liquor distribution branch (LDB), hardware and accessories do not, leaving much more flexibility in terms of working with local vendors. “The goal is to support local as much as possible,” explained Klas and Jaunzemis.