Dear Editor:

The UN’s Climate Change report is out, and it paints a dire picture of the future.
We are already beginning to see the results of our C02 emissions, wildfires consume the west year after year, droughts are dryer and lasting longer, flash flooding and hurricanes are more deadly and more frequent.
If we continue down this path, it is only predicted to get much, much worse. We are past the point of being able to solve climate change, but we can decide today to mitigate its negative impacts. To do that, to save future lives, we have to end all fossil fuel expansion projects now! And rapidly transition away from carbon based energy.
Canadians need to call, email and send letters to our elected officials demanding action. In 2020 alone, the Federal government spent $18 Billion of our tax dollars on the fossil fuel industry, much of which went to expanding production. Provinces like Alberta and B.C. spend billions supporting and expanding liquid natural gas, coal mines and oil extraction projects. We cannot change the past, but we can build a brighter future. We can redirect our efforts and money to renewable and sustainable industry today if our politicians had the political will to do so, and it’s our job as citizens of this nation to light a fire under their chairs to create that political will. So I implore you to write letters, make calls and if your local elected officials don’t listen, then let’s kick them out and replace them with people who will take action.

Samson Boyer, Wilmer