Dear Editor:

The only difference between a dead car battery and the HST is that spare parts for a vehicle come with a warranty, whereas political promises rarely ever do.

Politicians work hard at sprinkling sand in your eyes, while sugar-coating their boundless misdeeds. Never knew a less admired bunch to bring such unhappiness into the world. There is nothing redeeming to compensate for their lack of moral fiber. Mr. Gordon Campbells most fatal error was to allow his fellow citizens to witness that he put the interest of big business above those of his own people.

Flouting voters requests, this government will impose a new visitation of divine intervention on us. A harmless pill, called HST, instituted by Mr. Campbellss government, with a shroud to cover human opinion, while immersing our senses into inattentiveness. If truth be told, this supposedly new government also laid the foundation to bring about public unrest and trigger more social discontent.

The changes we hoped to see are out of favour with this government as well.

And what about the moral issue? If people are covertly forced to ingest this hidden poison, are they not entitled to have this poisonous pregnancy terminated?

Or, did political ethics force people to run the risk of accepting government muscle and absolute rule? The ultimate outrage perpetrated by those who have forgotten who is paying for their present generous lifestyles. Enlightened self-interest, we have found, will often overcome almost any scruples.

One school of cynical thought holds that a politicians first principle translates into misdirecting blame, and never admitting to be wrong.

Theyve got an unkindness about them thats hurting people. In our country we have two precious things: freedom of speech, and freedom of choice, but our politicians seem to caution us to make only little use of them.

H. Funk