Dear Editor:

I have lived in Canal Flats since 1938 and it gives me great pleasure to stand at the headwaters of Columbia Lake and enjoy the view of the Columbia Valley.

This is our heritage and the name should never be changed.

In Dee Conklins drive for a name change of our valley she has given no thought to what this means to the many people who were born here and those who have lived most of their lives here.

We have many districts in the valley that get along fine and we have welcomed the tourists and the people that have built summer and permanent homes in the valley. We are not isolated here but are known worldwide. There are information booths that can direct our visitors with information they may require, as accurate information of all recreation areas are in free booklets published each year.

The population of the valley has increased dramatically over the years, maybe too fast at times. A name change for the convenience of business is a no- brainer for the general public; there would still be all the different names in the phone book.

The name Columbia Valley must not be changed for any reason. The people have found us.

Ray Case

Canal Flats