Dear Editor:

This year my Halloween costume is the scariest ever. Im going as this huge multi-headed monster, so big and powerful that just a few control the world.

These beasts have at their influence entire armies, both military and propaganda. They scour the world overthrowing resource-rich governments, fixing their elections and set up their own puppets. These puppetsthrough trade deals and privatizationshave the job of freeing up the nationals resources. These resources feed these ravenous insatiable beasts.

These monsters were once kept somewhat leashed, but Stephen Harper, as payback for winning the last election, has deregulated and unleashed these psychopathic ghouls. Now theyre gobbling up Canadas choicest cuts.

Youve probably guessed; Im dressing up as an international corporation. As servant to these demons, Harper is signing all kinds of trade deals with anybody that still talks to him.

Some of these deals are merely disguised as trade. For instance, the secretly negotiated Trans Pacific Partnership is a deal about corporate rights. This deal gives corporations the right to sue any government that stand in the way of their profits. In an act approaching treason, corporate-owned media doesnt talk about Harpers backroom deals.

Halloween night, if a corporation should come knocking at your door, be very afraid. As corporations everywhere, theyre looking for a handout. Be generous. Or you could wake up with a pipeline through your backyard.

Bryan Stawychny