Dear Editor:

In her editorial last week, Kelsey Verboom wrote a very succinct and accurate assessment about another journalists article regarding Jumbo.

Ms. Verboom has pointed out, quite rightly, that the other author was biased and forgetful of something that is called The Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

He did completely forget to mention the Shushwap; he did forget, completely, the entire CORE process of about 17 years ago which designated the Jumbo Valley best to be used as a resort (ski).

He did forget so many facts as to begger the imagination.

I and many others send kudos to Ms. Verboom for standing up for balanced editorials. She stood up for the truth in our valley.

As such, both for myself and many, many others, we congratulate you Kelsey for your courage in telling the truth and pointing out the opposite in both word and omission.

You did well lady. Congratulations on your ethics, your morals and your conviction that truth trumps falsehoods and half truths/lies.

David R. Pacey

Radium Hot Springs