Dear Editor:

There is no free lunch. We are seeing demands for extended health care benefits and free post-secondary education. Doctors, nurses and college professors all receive significant and probably fair salaries or fees. We are seeing demand and support for more environmental and Aboriginal issue investigations. These could be with regards to ski resorts, forestry, missing persons or pipelines. Environmental evaluators, lawyers, politicians and Aboriginal leaders all demand and are getting paid big dollars. There are two questions.

The first is how much of these things do we need or want. The second question is how much of this cost is to be dumped on the taxpayer (you and me) and how much is to be borne by the recipients, protagonists and/or beneficiaries.

I will not venture an opinion but would ask for input from concerned citizens and voters. My point is that there is a cost and a bill to be paid by someone. There is no free lunch.

Walter Benstead