I am a scrawny, 85-year-old geezer with a never-say-die penchant for the outdoors, with fishing as my first choice. That often means loading and unloading a heavy “scanoe” from the top of my truck. I have a system, of course, but need level ground which can often be some distance from the water. Thus, help is always appreciated.  

Such was the case on my first outing of the year last Friday at Lake Windermere. The launching area was deserted upon arrival, but my scanoe was soon on the ground. However, to my good fortune, another vehicle with a trailered boat arrived as I unloaded equipment.  Almost without hesitation, one of the passengers came over and asked if I needed help. His offer was gratefully accepted and we carried the scanoe down to the water. 

When I came in at the end of the day, I was soon followed by a classy homemade rowboat piloted by the builder. He soon ignored his loading job and came over to help me with mine. And he not only aided in carrying, but also did the heavy lifting to put the boat on the roof rack. What a guy! 

The events I described are not unusual.  It is amazing how often this feeble old coot has been aided by good samaritans on the local waters. Our local population, and some tourists, are absolutely wonderful in that respect.  The older generation is very grateful.

Bob Hahn, Invermere