Dear Editor:

I am taking to writing a letter to the paper in hopes I can convince the District of Invermere to spread gravel around the Athalmer Recycling and Transfer Station. The situation is not a new one and I sent a letter to the District several months ago, as well called the office on two occasions.

I know I am not the only one who sees the problem as I have had several conversations with others as we walked through the mud, getting from our vehicles to the bins.

I understand this is a First World problem, but I believe that having an area that is as clean as possible and set up properly encourages citizens to be responsible about their recycling and garbage.

There is a book called The Tipping Point and it talks about how when an area is kept clean, the majority of people will help keep it that way; or in other words, if youre walking down the street and see garbage lying around and you finish your coffee, the likelihood of adding your garbage to it is high, but if the area is clean the likelihood that it will stay that way is higher.

So in the big picture, the cleaner we keep our Transfer Station, the more it encourages our community to take pride and keep it clean.

Jackie Lysak

Owner, Home Made Perfect