As residents of Fort Point, next to the current tennis courts at the Pynelogs Rotary Ball Park, we object to having a pickleball court in our neighbourhood.

We have enough noise in our neighbourhood from trains, summer watercraft, beach parties, festivals, fireworks, baseball tournaments, etc. We have grown accustomed to the above mentioned activities because they do not occur on a regular basis. We put up with the noise because it is not a constant “plink-plink-plink.” The reason we live here is that we can relax and enjoy our day without excessive, annoying, plinking noises.

A pickleball court used on a regular basis would be an irritating plink-plink-plink. Like a constant drip from a faucet, an annoying magpie, or a snoring companion. I think you get the picture. Seven days a week, from dusk until dawn, the summer days are long.

After a hard day’s work you want some peace and quiet to enjoy your home without the plink-plink-plink.

Would there also be a negative impact on the endangered turtles and nesting osprey next door at Dorothy Lake?

If any members of council think the pickleball courts are a necessity please build the courts next to your property and enjoy the plink-plink-plink.

Whatever happened to the great facilities that were to be built in the new western communities of town? 

Maybe the Lions Club could incorporate it into their new recreation site at the crossroads to attract campers. They have extra land and low lease rates as shown in your article for Peaks Gymnastics Society.

The gymnastics club is well organized, the land and builder are secured, and the society is embarking on a major fundraising effort. The pickleball club should take notes on their impressive effort.

The Pynelogs Rotary Ball Park tennis courts are accepted and perfectly fine just the way they are. Tennis only.

I agree with the pickleball club members that the Mount Nelson Athletic Park location is the perfect location for the new pickleball courts. We do not want or need pickleball courts at Fort Point.

Alexander MacDonald, Invermere