Dear Editor:

May I be amongst the first to commend with the highest possible praise the volunteer trail building work of David Pacey whom I dont know, and have never heard of until I read about his upcoming court appearance in this paper the other day (Unauthorized trail builder faces charges in the August 19th Pioneer). His public-spirited actions are an inspiration and a sad reminder of what weve lost.

May I also take advantage of the opportunity too perfect to miss to point out to Parks Canada that this little episode confirms all our worst suspicions about what a meddling, bureaucratic, rule-book bound and, essentially, brainless bunch they must surely be: if they had tried to make themselves look completely stupid, they could not have succeeded better.

My advice to Parks Canada: drop the case, give the man some tools, and get the hell out of his way, you idiots!

And maybe, perhaps, even start hiring a few people in possession of a brain even some common sense would be good.

Mark Holmes