Dear Editor:

In response to the letter submitted by Norm Hendricks and published in the January 6th issue: Anyone purporting to know what others think is the height of arrogance. Further, one opinion is not representative of a group.

I bike; does this make me a biker and what does this mean? My entire family rides bicycles as a favorite pastime. Most people I know engage in this wonderful activity. In most areas of the world, bicycling is encouraged. It is a mode of transportation and a pleasurable recreational exercise.

Public lands are available for the use of everyone and, as far as I know, this is not likely to change. People may choose where they live, however. Does this give them domain of adjacent land, public or private? I think not.

There will always be naysayers and NIMBYs to everything, however, it is my opinion that public lands should benefit the entire community. Shared trails are used in many locations in the Columbia Valley, including the Johnson and Kloosifier sanctioned trails near Lake Lillian.

Access to public lands is a right and outdoor activity for growing families is very beneficial, especially in our digital age. Having this opportunity close to town is an absolute necessity for families to access trails and lakes after a working day.

Those who no longer enjoy community and the enterprises that support the growing recreational activities may want to make other choices.

Richard Unger