Dear Editor,

As a recreational mountain biker who has taken numerous trips to various locales for the purpose of biking I would like to show my support for the initiative your Columbia Valley Cycling Society (CVCS) has taken to make this project a reality. When we visit an area for biking we spend money on gas, groceries, restaurants, bike gear, hotels or campsites and numerous other items. The effect on the economy of the area is nothing but positive and when tourism is one of the backbones of a local economy as is the case with Invermere, a project such as the one proposed by CVCS should be embraced by the community.

The proposal for trails at Barbour Lake that I have reviewed is articulate, well thought out, and seems to mitigate any negative effects brought up. I trust that the Columbia Valley will get behind projects such as this one that promote healthy lifestyle while providing value (and therefore jobs) for local residents.

We look forward to continued enjoyment of the mountain bike trails in the region and certainly hope to ride the new trails at Barbour Lake once sanctioned and approved.

Gary Maltin,