Columbia Valley Pioneer staff

The following are informational briefs from the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK).

Growing communities

At its November 10 meeting, the board moved to revisit the distribution of the Growing Communities Fund at the December meeting. 

In March, the province announced a $1 billion Growing Communities Fund to be distributed to all municipalities and regional districts. The RDEK received $3,667,000. Potential projects on the radar fall primarily within the public safety/emergency management, drinking water, and natural hazard mitigation categories. At the June 9 meeting, the RDEK approved allocation of $1.5 million from the Growing Communities Fund for the Cold Spring Creek Debris Flow Mitigation Project.                                                                   

Grant approved

A small emergent grant in the amount of $500 has been approved for Edgewater Recreation Society to purchase and install a dog waste station and two cigarette butt receptacles around Wittman Field and Frank’s Rink. The grant was considered “emergent” for the installation of equipment before the ground freezes. 

Legacy Trail 

Repairs have been completed on the Goldie Creek culvert and signed off by Geopacific Engineering for the Markin MacPhail Westside Legacy Trail. Final crack sealing and asphalt remediation will be completed in the coming weeks by Brigade, with the trail and washrooms already closed for the operational season. Repairs to trail fencing damaged by grazing cows has been completed.

Crossroads Ballpark closed 

The Crossroads Ballpark in Area F has been closed for the season. Fencing repairs will be completed in November. The ballpark will reopen in early April 2024 for the minor ball season.  

New pad installed 

Staff have completed the installation of a new concrete pad in front of the dressing room entrance and club entrances at Eddie Mountain Memorial Arena. The pad was installed due to the entrance becoming a safety and slipping risk during the winter months. 

Trail accessibility 

RDEK staff will be meeting with Greenways and Urban Systems Engineering to discuss Old Coach Trail accessibility options in early November 2023. Repairs to the Athalmer hill fencing will begin in November by Mike Christensen. Repairs and upgrades to the south entrance of the trail are currently being completed by Greenways. 

Fire training

Columbia Valley Rural Fire & Rescue Services will begin exterior and interior fire suppression training in November. Eleven students will be trained in exterior operations and five will take the interior course. There is a technical rope rescue course being held this month that teaches members on conducting over the bank/low slope rescues. The annual firefighter recognition dinner is being held at the end of the month. 

Bill 31 

RDEK staff are reviewing Bill 31 to determine the potential impacts to the East Kootenay Emergency Management Program. The Emergency and Disaster Management Act (Bill 31), making its way through the BC Legislature, has passed second reading, and has now been referred to committee for further discussion. The Bill replaces the Emergency Program Act to streamline its powers and duties and to facilitate agreements and consultation with Indigenous Peoples. It also clarifies the role of critical infrastructure owners, and incorporates lessons learned in recent years in responding to floods and wildfires.