By Dan Walton

Pioneer Staff

Januarys are always cold in the valley, but instead of bundling up in your cozy home, Crazy Soles is challenging everyone to get outside for 30 minutes each day of the month.

In previous years, the challenge issued by Invermeres Crazy Soles store was for people of the valley to exercise a mile each day. But for Joguary 2015, the challenge has been tweaked.

We will now be promoting 30 minutes a day, outside! said Crazy Soles co-owner Beva Kirk. We have also decided to broaden our activities to include walking, running, skipping, hopping, ice skating, cross country skiing, biking (like fat biking), and snowshoeing.

Participants will be entered into a weekly draw (with winners announced on the Crazy Soles Facebook page), and prizes will be awarded for the best winter selfie and for the most effort put into finding 30 minutes outside. The challenge isnt pitting participants against each other; it will only test the commitments made by those trying to spend 30 minutes outside each day. Those who complete the challenge will be entered into a draw for a pair of brand new shoes.

We will not be adding up time so no need to submit daily minutes, Beva said. It may sound easy now, but there will be days when its going to be a challenge to fit it in and we will want to hear about those days!

To register, head over to Crazy Soles in person, or contact Beva by email at

Joguary starts on Thursday, January 1st and ends on the Saturday, January 31st.