Dear Editor:

Ive been searching long and hard for a reason why Jumbo Glacier Resort should receive approval from the Ministry of Environment therefore allowing them to continue construction on one of the most controversial land use decisions in this provinces history. And that reason is simply it wouldnt be very professional of the BC Liberals to not grant approval to a project being undertaken by a financial supporter of the party.

It makes complete sense that the voting public that opposes the project would be ignored.

It also makes sense that taxpayers will fund the democratic processes at the Jumbo Municipality as well as bridges and access to the resort (even though we had assurances from the proponent that not a dime of taxpayer money would fund infrastructure, roads and access).

The only thing that wouldnt make sense is failing to accommodate Christy Clark and Bill Bennetts crony campaign supporters that would make a mockery of our oligarchy.

Steve Tersmette