Paranormal activity--The cast from the tv show The other Side who was in the Valley to shoot an episode in June earlier this year.

Paranormal activity–The cast from the tv show The other Side who was in the Valley to shoot an episode in June earlier this year.

Nestled among the mountains, rivers, lakes and other scenery that makes the Columbia Valley famous lies a paranormal story that needed unearthing. Thankfully, the team from The Other Side TV show made their way to the valley to feature this story of an active spirit who they believe died nearly 100 years ago.

For those who havent heard of the show, The Other Side is a thrilling TV series that seeks to find the most haunted corners of Canada. Led by intuitive Jeff Richards, the paranormal team investigates various locations in each episode, hoping to reach out to the restless souls who seem to be wedged between the physical world and that of the spirit world, trying to bring them the peace they need to move on, the shows website describes.

The Other Side is currently broadcast on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) in Canada and is being expanded to Australia, New Zealand, England and the United States, said show producer Bob Crowe. He said the show presents a perfect opportunity to showcase these interesting Aboriginal paranormal investigators to a wider audience.

The interesting thing about the Aboriginal world is that they accept that spirits walk among us and its so accepted that theyve developed a protocol for how to deal with them and what not, he said.

Going into its third season now, The Other Side typically operates by receiving tips about potential paranormal activity before investigating to see if its worth filming an episode in a given location. Mr. Crowe said they received word of possible paranormal activity on the property of Joanna Jensen just outside of Fairmont on the Columbia River.

According to Mr. Crowe, the Jensen family first experienced paranormal activity on their property while building a log cabin in 2007. Upon arriving from their main home in Calgary to check on construction, Ms. Jensen discovered that the contractor was refusing to sleep inside the house because, too many weird things were happening as he was building it, and instead slept on the ground outside.

After the log cabin was completed, Ms. Jensen continued to have encounters with this paranormal spirit, hearing animal sounds in vacant rooms only for nothing to turn up upon investigation, Mr. Crowe said.

Joanna Jensen and her girlfriend were sleeping there the very first night they stayed there, and Joanna heard her girlfriend rummaging around in the kitchen and looking for something, he said, Doors opening and closing, and the next morning she said, What were you looking for last night? and her girlfriend was all freaked out and was like, Oh my god, I thought that was you? I couldnt figure out what you were looking for.

The team from The Other Side made their way to the Columbia Valley in June to investigate these spirits and record their findings as one of their episodes in the shows third season that begins airing on October 27th.

Mr. Crowe said that Ms. Jensen tried to employ a variety of methods to interact with the spirits before using a Ouija board also known as a spirit or talking board used to interact with spirits the first night the team visited to ask the spirit in the cabin to spell its name.

I dont want to give the story away, but it spelled something that was quite shocking and quite upsetting to Joanna and that session ended that night, Mr. Crowe said.

He said that the team believes the spirit is that of an Aboriginal woman who drowned in the 1930s on the property. The team is still looking for more information on this woman and they hope someone from the Columbia Valley is able to help solve the mystery of this womans identity.

Mr. Crowe said that although he cannot reveal what the team found on their investigation of the property, he feels the episode is captivating and ends on a positive note. The episode is expected to air on APTN in the first week of December with show times still to be announced.