Dear Editor:

I am at a loss to understand why the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) even bothered to call a meeting to discuss the pros and cons of the construction of a slaughterhouse at the crossroads, when in the end they went against the wishes of the majority anyway.

Gerry Taft stated that he felt there was a kneejerk reaction based on partial information. And Mr. Wilkie stated that the Windermere Riding Club keeps 40 horses near the site and their smell has never been an issue.If he is talking about the old run-down stalls behind the feed lot store, that statement is misleading. While that facility may be used on occasion, there are no horses kept there, so of course, there is no odour.

Also, according to Mr. Sosnowski, the smell outside a slaughterhouse is not so bad.

Thats comforting! Given that there was partial information according to Mr. Taft, misleading information from Mr. Wilkie, and the majority being opposed, the RDEK board still chose to vote in favor of a slaughterhouse being constructed.

Kudos to RDEK Area F director Wendy Booth and the two other board members who weighed the pros and cons, listened to the people and voted accordingly.

Marion Anderson