Dear Editor

I went shopping at Home Hardware today to pick up a water hose so I could wash my patio. I made the mistake of taking off my sunglasses (theyre prescription lenses and very expensive). I then inadvertently left them on the shelf beside the water hoses. As I was checking out I realized that I did not have them (no more than 10 minutes later), I paid for my purchases and retraced my steps to where I had been.

Voila on the shelf beside the garden hoses was a pair of sunglasses. Assuming they were mine, I picked them up and, lo and behold, discovered that no, they were not mine. They were a cheap pair of sunglasses left by someone who had (Im sure) taken mine and replaced with a much cheaper pair and not prescription.

I do hope the individual who took them gets a blazing headache, because the prescription is not right. I cannot believe that whoever did this can actually look in the mirror and not see a guilty person looking back at them. This is quite frustrating, as I now have to have both an eye exam and a new prescription and I have to wait for replacement glasses. Thank you, this was very thoughtful of you.

Barbara Hoberg

Radium Hot Springs